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Short Stories


A Girl Named Damilola

A Love And Hate Relationship (True Life Story)

A Case Of Three Sinners

ABETE (The Hood)

Action In Calabar (18+)

Adventure Of Lara

Almighty Mrs. Ajani (18+)

Anita (18+)

Afraid To Love

Agonies Of A House Girl


Broken Bottle

Best Friends Forever

Bra Boi (18+)

Bed Sheet

Broken In (18+)

Blood And Thunder (18+)

Black Monday (Crime Story)

Bukky Alakara

Brother Paul

Blind Pact

Blood For Blood

Baby And Me


Corper’s Lodge

Club Adverture (18+)


Campus Babe


Dangers In Blood Covenant

Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patients

Despite All Odds

Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (18+)

Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad

Diary Of A Single Mom (18+)

Dinner Party

Driving Miss Crazy

Diary Of A Broke Playboy

Dance In The Grave Yard



Enemies (18+)


Face In The Mirror

Featherlight Heart



HERO (A Violence, Mind Control And sex Story) 18+

Hidden Desire

House Of Secrets

Housemaid Takes Charge

Home Alone Reloaded (18+)

How University Destroyed My Life


Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba

I Hate To Love Him

I Date White Men Only (18+)

I’m Horny And The Police Arrives


Journey Through The Wilderness


Life With Spoilt Neighbours (18+)

Lagos Dudes

Legend Of The Fucckers

Life Of A Broke Naija Graduate

Lonely Wife (18+)

Love And Revenge


Misplaced Love


Memoirs Of Dying And Living

My Ordeal With The Ritualist

My Boyfriend Cheated on Me for My Best Friend

Memo Of A Male Sex Addict

My Friend, Her Boyfriend And I

Maryjane: My First Love

My Dirty Friend (18+)

My Dirty Secret With My Attractive Landlord’s Daughter

My Strippers’ Night Out (18+)

My Experience With Naija Police

My First Day As An OAU Fresher (True Life Story)

My Life At Thirty (18+)

Mr Lecturer

My Mother In Law

Mr Henry, The Captain Nigeria


Na So You Bad Reach???

No More Room For Love


One Wrong Step

OROPO; The Village Of The Gods


Price To Pay For Love

Price of Virginity


Saints And Sinners

Sexxx In The Rain (18+)

Sexx In The Traffic (18+)


Seducing The ICT Guy (21+)

Sikiru’s Owanbe Party (18+)

Sister Adesewa (True Life Story)

Shattered Love


The Prodigal Daughter

The Angel And The Monk

The Choir Girls & I

The Housemaid

The Heat Of Virginity

The Hiding Place

The House Of Lust (18+)

The Menace Of Poverty


The Silence

The Weapon Of A Woman

Torn (Based On A True Life Story)

The Crazy Lust

The Day After Christmas

The Day I Lost Control (18+)

The House Help (+18)

The Nurse (18+)

The New Girl

The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow

The Day I Dis-flowered One Fine Igbo Girl

The Quality Of Love

Together Forever

Tight Brothers

The Hottest Thief

The Plague

The Revenge (18+)

The Untold Secrets

The Story Of Tejumola

The Flames Of Paradise


Winds Of Fate

Whatsapp Adventure

Wounded Heart (Mr Lover)

Wrong Number


24 Hours (18+)

3 Days In Ogbele Forest

3 Sisters And A Corper

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