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[Story] Adventure Of Lara – Episode 21

Lara scratched her legs furiously, mosquitoes had feasted on her the previous night.She had stopped crying cos her tears stopped flowing, even her baby was silent, no more movements, she wondered if the baby was alright, it must be weak, cos she hadn’t eaten since the previous evening.

She gazed at the only window in her ‘cell’, it was big enough to escape through. But the question is how? The place was surrounded by armed men.

A laughing female voice drawed her attention, she edged towards the door…

“Don’t worry! When the money comes; I go do you well!” the voice said amidst fits of laughter.

The voice sounded familiar.

Just then the door was pushed open; Lara almost lost her balance.

A fetish looking old man; clad in red satin walked into the room, he was holding some calabashes.

He squatted beside examining her bulging stomach. Lara didn’t push his hands away; she knew it’d be useless.

He shook his head disappointedly

“Madam come in” he said in a loud voice.

“so when will you take the baby out?” the woman said gingerly.

Lara’s heart was beating faster, she knew that voice so well, she looked up sharply..her jaws dropped.

Deji smirked at her, chewing a gum noisily.

Lara felt sweat coming out through every pore on her skin

“Deji?” her lips quivered.

Deji rolled her eyes, a smile playing on her lips.

“We shall take it by night.” The fetish man croaked.

“Good then! I can’t wait to be a multi-billionaire” Deji laughed.

“Deji you?” Lara shrieked as they turned to leave.

“Yea! Me! Do you think I came into this world to watch others progressing? I need to make money, and I’m not sorry- I have to use you and your baby.” Deji chucked wickedly.

“Deji me Lara? Do I deserve this?” Lara sobbed

“I don’t know that one o! Better prepare to meet your late father tonight.” Deji clapped, before banging the door behind her.

Lara sat, shocked to the marrow. Her body became numb. That night her unborn child would be used by Deji for rituals! Deji of all people. 

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