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[Story] Adventure Of Lara – Episode 23

“Did you hear that?” the kidnappers asked themselves,“She’s around here, disperse and look for her, I’ll wait here” one of them suggested.

They all dispersed in different directions, except for the one standing beside the tree.

Lara’s eyes widened with terror as she felt something crawl on her legs. She sat still and bit her tongue. Snake! She almost fainted.

“Haaaaa!” she screamed as she fell off the tree.

She landed on the man under the tree, he served as a cushion.

“Snake o! Snake!” the man screamed in terror a the snake wrapped round him.

That gave Lara the oppurtunity to crawl away under some bushes to hide. She was in deep pains, she wondered if she would die.

The pains around her waist increased in momentum.

“Wetin happen?”

the group asked rushing back.

“e be like say that girl don turn snake o” the man exclaimed in terror.

The whole group stared at the dead snake in fear.

“Make we go call Baba” they said before running away.

Lara hid herself properly under the bush, her face washed with tears.

“God please help me.” she wept silently.

Thunder rumbled loudly with lightening flashing.Lara looked at the sky with fear, it was dark and pregnant with rain.

“Yekpa! Rain? Not yet please.” she muttered.

The rain poured heavily, Lara thought she would die. She wept and prayed as long as she can.

“God please, not for my sake…but for this baby…please.” she shivered under the rain.

It seemed God answered her, the rain stoped.

Lara began to crawl farther into the forest in pains, she could no longer stand up.

She wondered what part of the world she was.

“help will come” she muttered to herself. She had faith in God.

Somehow, she suddenly felt; she won’t die in the forest. 

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