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[Story] Adventure Of Lara – Episode 24

::*****:::::::Lara lay-sprawling on the ground till daylight came, she remained fixed to her position too weak to move. She was surprised she survived the night.

She felt her belly; the contractions on her pelvis had stopped. Maybe her baby ls dead-she thought.

“God forbid” she thought aloud.

She won’t go through all this troubles in vain.

With difficulty, she sat up to survey her surroundings.

She was sitting in what looked like a small farm, behind a house.

She held her breathe; was she back to square one?

She saw a young boy walk out of the house to empty his bowels. She shuffled behind some cassava plants…

The shuffling sound got the boy’s attention, he looked around, walked towards the farm.

“Who be you?” he asked angrily.

Lara kept her eyes fastened on his, too scared to speak.

“I say who you be?” he asked again.

Lara kept mute,what would she tell him.

Her abdomen contracted painfully, she let out a shrill

The boy looked scared. He ran towards the house.

“Maami…maami…come and see o, one woman like that.” he shouted as he ran.

“Obirin-woman? What is she doing there? Ehn?” a fat woman ran out of the house.

“Who be you?” she asked bending to peer at Lara.

Lara couldn’t reply, she kept pointing at her abdomen as she writhed in pains.

The woman got the message.

“Jide! Jide o! Go and call your father.” She shouted at her son

“Yee! Mo ku!” Lara screamed as she battled.

“So you be yoruba?” the woman asked quitely.

“My waist! My legs…my….yeee!” Lara screamed. She was in labour.

The woman’s husband came out, and they both helped Lara into the house.

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