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[Story] Anike – Episode 2

Tinuke and I got along so well, we understood each other so much, I couldn’t have wished for a better room mate.
People including our course mates do tell us that we look alike. Maybe because we are of the same stature, average height, slim, dark skin and beautiful oval shaped face. I can’t tell who is more beautiful, people can judge that.
I was busy with my assignment while Tinuke was doing the dishes.
“Anike, How far with the assignment Dr. Chuks gave us” Tinuke asked
“I’m almost through. But come to think of it, some lecturers are so mean, how can he tell us to write 100 names of microorganisms and submit it under 24hours,all this stress for just 5 marks”
She left the dishes apeeped at what I was writing.
“You’ve written 80 already, I only got 48 from the text books I borrowed from the library”
“You can’t get the whole 100 from the text book, I got mine from the internet, Thank God for the internet and who ever invented copy and paste”
“Amen Anike, You are very funny” she said laughing
“Jokes apart, Tinuke I’m hungry”
“OK, I’ll fix us dinner”
“Thanks you are a darling” she said smiling
“You are welcome” I smiled back at her.
The next day, we submitted the MCB101 assignment to the course rep.
“Let’s call it a day, see you next week” the Lecturer said and left the class.
Tinuke and I packed our books and left the class.
On our way to the hostel, we met a very fine guy, tall, fair and looked buttish.
“Hi ladies” he said, all smiles.
“Hi” we both chorused
“I do see you girls around, are you twins, you two look alike?” he asked
“No, we are friends, but people do take us for twins and I wish we were” Tinuke answered, smiling with the guy.
“My name is Olamilekan, he said, shaking our hands one after the other.
“I’m Tinuke and she’s Anike”
“Nice meeting you guys” he said
“Same here” we chorused
“I just like you girls, you are beautiful, smart and you dress decently and I also like your names, Anike and Tinuke, you could really pass for twins”
“Thanks for the compliments Lekan” Tinuke said with a smile.
“I’m sorry Tinuke, I prefer you call my name in full”
“Oh! Olamilekan, noted” she said playfully.
“Thanks” he said with a smile. Anyway, I’m a 400L Electrical engineering student.
“100L microbiology” Tinuke said
“And you?” he asked me
“Same department” I replied
“That’s cool, see you guys some other time, enjoy the rest of the day”
“You too” we chorused
I ran into the same guy the following week in front of a complex in the school area.
“See who I ran into, Anike right?” he said
“Yea, I’m good, you still remember my name?
“Of course I do, how on earth will I forget your name and that of Tinuke” he said jokingly
“You remember my friend’s name too! that’s cool?”
“Do you remember my name” he asked
“No, I don’t” I replied
“Oh, that’s so unfair”
“Yea, so so unfair, Olamilekan” I said
“So you actually remember my name” he said smiling.
“Yes, I was just pulling your legs”
“Good, so where is your twin sister?”
“She’s inside the complex making photocopies, I’m waiting here for her”
Tinuke later walked up to us while we were still talking.
“Look who we have here, but I’m sorry what’s the name again? She asked
“Olamilekan” he answered and gave her a hand shake.
“I’m sorry, I’m not good with names, but I won’t forget this time”
“It’s OK, I’m happy to see you guys again. Do you mind if I pay you guys a visit?”
“No, we don’t mind, Anike can he……
“You already said yes nau” I said rolling my eyes.
“Anike, I just want to be a friend” Olamilekan said sensing my body language.
“It’s room 203,providence hostel, we stay in the same room” Tinuke said
“I’ll check on you girls before the week runs out”
“We’ll be expecting you” Tinuke replied him and he left.
“Anike what’s with that attitude, it’s like you don’t want that guy to visit us” she queried on our way to the hostel.
“My attitude!” I exclaimed and shook my head
“Why are you shaking your head?”
“I’m shaking my head for you, You know your boyfriend is the jealous type, this one that you are inviting a guy over, me I’m not there o”
“Mumu girl, who told you he likes me”
“Really, so you could easily detect he doesn’t like you!”
“Yea, I can read him like a book and we’ll soon find out”
“We’ll soon find out what? I pity you in advance, and you know the kind of boyfriend you have ”
She eyed me, unlocked the door and we both entered the room.
We both la!d on our beds busy with our phones, we heard a knock on the door. I left my bed and went to get the door.
“Anike….Hi” he said with a smile.
“Hi, please hold on” I closed the door and went back to the room. Tinuke, can a guy come in, olamilekan is at the door” I informed.
“Sure” she said and adjusted her top”
“You can come in” I said.
We all exchanged greetings, Tinuke offered him drink but he declined. We chatted for some time, and we all exchanged phone numbers before he left.
He also promised to stop by again.
“Tinuke, did you hear him say next time, which means he’ll be visiting again. See don’t call me if you and your boyfriend start o” I pounced on her immediately the guy left.
“Relax, he just want to be our friend and what is so bad in that, we even need someone like him around since we are freshers. And don’t worry about my boyfriend”
I went to the school library to borrow some text books, on my way out I bumped into Olamilekan.
“Anike, hi”
“Let me help you with that “ he said trying to collect the text books from me”
“Don’t worry, thanks”
“I insist, I’m just leaving too, so bring the books, I’ll see you off to your hostel since it’s visiting hours already”
“Ok, if you insist”. We got to the hostel, I tapped the door.
“It’s me Tinuke, can a guy come in” I asked.
“A guy! Please hold on let me change”
She opened the door surprised to see Olamilekan.
“Hello good evening” he greeted
“Good evening, sorry for keeping you waiting, you can come in”
“No problem, it’s a ladies room, so I get it. I ran into Anike at the library, so I decided to walk her to the hostel”
“That’s nice of you”
“What can we offer you” Anike asked
“Water will do” he replied
“Just water?” Tinuke questioned
“Yes” he nodded
Tinuke left the room and returned with a chilled bottled water.
We all chatted for a while and he made to leave
“I’ve been here twice, when will you ladies come to visit me? although I stay off campus” he said.
“You just give us your address and we’ll come” Tinuke replied him
“Sure I will and I’ll be glad if you make out time to visit”
“Can we come this weekend, Saturday to be precise? Tinuke asked and I gave her a scornful look.
“Saturday is fine by me, I’ll be expecting you both. Let me take my leave now” he said and left.
It was a sunny Saturday
morning, I and my room mate were busy doing our chores. She already promised Olamilekan we’ll visit him on Saturday. Tinuke reminded me about it.
“When are we leaving for his place” I asked
“We can leave for 2pm” she replied
“You and who? Inside this sun! I’m not going anywhere until the sun goes down o” I said frowning.
“If we have lectures for 2pm, won’t you attend” she queried
“Sure I will, I will attend lectures under the sun or in the rain, that is different and the good news is that I don’t have lectures today”
“ I don’t know why you are even complaining sef, you are sounding like you want to trek to the place, are we not taking cab to the place”
“Will cab carry us from this room down to his lodge?”
“OK o, we’ll leave by 4pm then” Tinuke said
“Carry your bed along nau, we are leaving by 5pm” I concluded
“5pm! Don’t go at all” Tinuke hissed
“I can decide to stay back o”
“Anike jokes apart, you know we owe him this visit, he had visited twice fa” she said
“You really like this guy o and I seriously pity you, because you are playing with fire”
“You pity me? She said laughing
“It’s not funny, I just don’t want this guy to come between you and your guy, what if he calls you when we get there, you’ll have to explain to him what you’re doing in a guy’s house?”
“Don’t worry about me, I will switch off my phone”
“Eh! That’s even worse, see, you are on your own. We are leaving by 5pm, agreed?”
“Na yarda”
Meaning? I asked
“I agree” she interpreted.
“Good, that’s my girl” I smiled.
From the look of things, I can say that Olamilekan came from a rich family, he could pass for someone who had everything he wants at his disposal. I guessed he’s doesn’t like an extravagant lifestyle. He lives in a room and a parlour self contained apartment that is tastefully furnished and all electronic gadgets in place. He also has a car parked in his compound, trust Tinuke, she asked him who owns the car. I like this about him, silent rich guy.
Tinuke and I are from rich families too and we maintained our cool, but I doubt if my own father can allow me have my own car, maybe when I get to final year, he can allow me.
Olamilekan welcomed us, he was happy we came by.
“Wow! You live in a palace Olamilekan” Tinuke complimented still admiring the spacious room.
“Nice apartment” I added
“Thanks” he said
He asked what us what we wanted for refreshments. I told him I dont want anything, Tinuke eyed me and told him him she’s OK with any drink.
He entertained us with some nice music video collection and served Tinuke juice and assorted Biscuits. Tinuke was about to take her refreshment when her phone rang.
“Why are you staring at your phone? Pick your call nau” I said
“It’s Sam”
“I thought you said you’ll switch off your phone when we get here”
“I forgot” she said and the call disconnected.
“Pick the call, if he calls back”. The phone rang again and she took the call.
“Hello dear…..
“What happened” I asked when the line went off.
“He hung up on me” she replied
“What are you waiting for, let’s start going or you want him to call back and know you are still here”
“That won’t solve anything Anike, he’s pissed already”
“What’s going on?” he asked
“We have to leave now, we’ll talk to you later” I inform him.
“No problem as long as she’s OK, let me see you off then” he said. He stopped a cab for us that took us to the hostel. He also paid the cab man.
We got back to the hostel. I tried to calm my friend because she was worried.
“Tinuke let me talk to him, I think he will listen to me”
“Don’t bother, trust me he won’t listen to you”
“Let me try if I can pacify him” she said and dialed his number.
“Hello I’m listening” he answered rudely.
“Please, I just want to clear the air, the guy we visited is a friend of ours and…..
“Anike can you please mind your business, this is between my girlfriend and I. I’d appreciate if you don’t meddle”
“Excuse me!” I was shocked at his response.
“You heard me right and I think you are a bad influence on her so please stay away from her” he said and ended the call.
“I warned you, I know he wouldn’t listen, what did he say?” Tinuke asked
“Nothing” I said with teary eyes, I doubt if I’ve ever been insulted like that all my life.
“Anike are you crying? What did he say to you, did he insult you?”
“It’s nothing”
“It’s nothing and you are crying” she took her phone to call Sam but his call came in and she picked it up and put it on speaker.
“Hello what did you say to her” she barked at him.
“She didn’t tell you? Anyway I told her to stay away from you, that she’s a bad influence”
“You told a girl that doesn’t even have a boyfriend, that she’s a bad influence? You are unbelievable! congratulations you just succeeded in making her cry, I can take anything from you, even the jealousy but you doing this to a good friend of mine…this is the peak”
“And whose fault was that? You left your hostel to visit a guy without even informing me”
“You know what I’m tired of you and your monitoring spirit. I’m sick of this over protectiveness of yours, see, it’s over between us”
“Seriously! she said and hung up on him. She broke down into tears.
“Tinuke please stop crying, you can’t end your relationship with him because of me.
“I’m through with him, I won’t forgive him for what he said to you”
“Seriously I’m fine, you can’t break up with him because of me, try and resolve with him”
“That is my problem not yours. I’m very sorry for putting you through this”
“Its OK” I said with a faint smile.
“Oya go and wash your face” Tinuke said
“You mean we should wash our faces” I corrected her.
And we both laughed.

To be continued

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