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[Story] Anike – Episode 4

Olamilekan called me in the evening, but I refused to pick the call, our visit to his house led to all this problem. Tinuke picked the call instead since I refused to pick up.
I heard Tinuke telling the guy that he’s free to come to our hostel anytime.
“You invited him over again?” I asked when she ended the call.
“Yes, do you have a problem with that” she said with a straight face.
“No, I just thought that’s the last person you’d want to see, after what your visit to his place caused you”
“He has nothing to do with what happened today”
“Tinuke! I can see you badly need a male friend, the one your boyfriend deprived you from having for a very long time now”
“Whatever” Tinuke gestured with her hand.
Olamilekan came to the hostel on Sunday afternoon. Tinuke told him everything that happened on Saturday, I also informed him that Tinuke broke up with her boyfriend because of me. We both pleaded with Tinuke to make up with her boyfriend.
I couldn’t believe I spoke freely with him this time. He also said it himself before he left that he was so happy that I finally spoke to him freely. He really enjoyed our company and he returned back to his lodge in the evening.
One week was gone already, Tinuke and her boyfriend are still not talking, I was feeling guilty about this, I knew my friend was doing this because of me, this is not their first time of having issues but they always resolve it.
“Friendship, I think you should talk things through with your boyfriend” I adviced.
“Noted, thanks” She responded sharply.
“Tinuke, stop forming super woman, please end this fight for all it worth”
“Ok…..I’ve heard you. If he calls next time, I’ll pick it”
“Promise” she raised her right hand up”
I went to the salon to make my hair, I asked Tinuke to follow me but she said I should go alone that she can’t be following me everywhere so I went alone. I returned to the hostel only to meet her friend crying.
“Tinuke why are you doing this to yourself? I know you miss him but you refuse to pick his calls, he sent several messages which you ignore as well. He even sent you your monthly pocket money which means he’s not fighting you.
I picked my phone and dialed Sam’s no.
“Hello please hold on for her I think she’s ready to talk now” I said and passed the Phone to Tinuke. I left the room to give them privacy, clearly I’m still pissed with the guy myself because I did not even allow him talk before I handed the phone to Tinuke.
“Hope you guys have settled” I said as I entered the room.
“Yes we have, nagode(thank you) in fact Sam could not believe you could call him to make us settle our fight. He said he’s really sorry for those hurtful words, he’ll call you himself to apologize” she said with a brightened face.
“That’s not necessary, once you guys are good, then I’m fine”
“Haba Anike you talked me into forgiving him and you have to do the same too ‘Dan Allah’ (please).
Sam called me minutes later but I refused to pick the call. Tinuke told her boyfriend to give me time to come around.
Olamilekan and I became good friends. He asked me out but I was concerned about the difference in our level at first. 100 and 400l, he’ll be graduating soon.
But after so much pestering especially from my friend, I agreed to date him. I told Tinuke about it.
“I decided to give the relationship a trial. I told Olamilekan today that I’m in, we are now dating” I informed her.
“I’m happy for you, I really like that guy for you. He’s a nice guy you know. Team Olamilekan any day, anytime.” she screamed.
“And I guess you’ll do thanksgiving in church for this because your wish has finally been fulfilled” I said
“Yes o, thank God it didn’t take you so long to figure it out, I’ve always known he had eyes for you, I wish you guys the best” she said and hugged me.
Exams started and two weeks later, we were through with our exams and preparing to travel home, we’ve both booked our flight tickets.
“I’m eating dinner tomorrow in my house by God’s grace unlike some people who will eat theirs in their boyfriend’s house” I teased
“Na you sabi o, I’m spending just two days at his place.
My boyfriend’s call came through. He asked when I was going I told him the next day.
He said he’ll drop me off at the airport. I told him my flight is 8:45am. So he had to come very early. And he promised to come on time.
“You guys are traveling together, so it’s now association of lagosians abi? Tinuke asked.
“No o, he just want to drop us off at the airport, he’s travelling a day after tommorow. But we’ll see in Lagos”
“Me! I don’t like that your Lagos for anything”
“We don’t want you sef, go to that your boring Abuja”
“At least its better than your noisy Lagos”
“If I carry you go banana island you go love Lagos…o” I sang teasing her with the song.
“See you, you don’t like Pawpaw island”
“Thank you…..Eko state! here I come” I said throwing my hands in the air.
The next day Tinuke and I were already waiting for Olamilekan at the common room with our bags. He got there few minutes to 8am and joined us in the common room.
“Hope I’m on time?” he asked.
“You are right on time” I replied.
“Shall we” he said helping us with our bags.
We got to the airport, trust me good bye is the saddest words. Olamilekan watched us with amazement when Tinuke and I was shedding tears when Tinukes flight was announced. I’m sure he was wondering if the semester break has been extended from four weeks to a year. We said our good byes and she left.
I start down quietly missing my friend already.
“Will you miss me, the way you’ll miss her?” he asked.
“She’s my friend, room mate, course mate, fellowship mate, everything. You should understand. I’ll miss you too. Remember we’ll still see in Lagos unlike her”
“Sure, but still Anike you need to grow up, you are an undergraduate and not just that ‘Daddy’s little girl’
“I’m a big girl”
“Say that to yourself, anyways what are your plans for the break?” He asked
“Plans! I don’t have any plans, I will spend most of my time at home, I’ll just visit one or two friends in the neighborhood”
“And you won’t be bored, staying at home alone?”
“No I won’t, I’m an indoor person and I’m used to it. Mum too will be around most time…full house wife” I shrugged.
“Wow! That’s rare this days”
My flight was announced. We hugged and he kissed me my forehead before I left the departure.
Home sweet home, it’s so good to be home. I met my mum at home who had prepared delicacies for me. My Dad was so happy to see me when they got back from work. My two siblings were all over me. I’m much older than them. Adekemi is 14 while Okiki the baby of the house and the only male child is 11.
Tinuke had called me earlier when she got to Abuja. I returned Tinuke’s call later in the evening and I spoke with Sam as well. She was happy I spoke with her boyfriend. He actually called me back and apologized.
Olamilekan’s call came in immediately, we talked briefly and he promised to Check on me once he’s in Lagos.
Olamilekan payed me a visit some days later when he arrived Lagos. He was dressed in blue jean and grey polo shirt, looking charming as usual. I led him into the house. He met my mum. I introduce him as my friend, then I rushed to my room to change. I wore a knee length Ankara gown, it was friday.
He stayed for a while before we left for the cinema in his car. We got to the cinema, bought drinks and popcorn and watch an action thriller movie and a romantic comedy.
After seeing the movies we sat in the park discussing the movies we saw and other things. He took me back home in the evening.
Trust my friend she called me immediately I got home, I wondered if she put a tracking device on me to know I was home already.
“ Monitoring Spirit! Did you put a tracking device on me? Because I just got home now” I asked playfully.
“ I’m monitoring you in spirit ni, hope you had a nice time with him?”
“Yes I did”
We talked for a while, she asked after my parent, I asked after hers before ending the call.
I started preparing for school. We are to resume the following week. I called Tinuke and we both agreed to return to school on Monday, because in my school some lectures will go to class on that very resumption day to give lectures and trust me they’ll take attendance if not test.
Olamilekan called and want me to visit him before we resume so I could know his place. He sent his address and I went the following day.
I got to his beautiful abode, I met his younger sister and He introduced us.
I stayed for like 30mins, I already told him I had some errands to run for my mum. We left his house for a nearby eatery.
We chatted while eating, I told him I’m going back to school on monday. He said he’s traveling on tuesday which means we can’t travel together.
We left the eatery and he drop me off at the bus stop where I took a cab. He gave me #5k for transport.
I was so happy to see my friend. ‘Miss’ is an understatement, we hugged, pecked and hugged again giggling and smiling.
“You’ve added wait o, see your cheeks” Tinuke said wheeling her box to one side of the room. I smiled at the kettle who’s calling pot black.
I came in earlier, so she met me cleaning the room. So she joined me.
After the cleaning and arranging, we took our bath. We were so exhausted from the enviromental sanitation.
“I’m tired Anike, maybe we should just eat bread this night, I’m so tired to cook and you are tired as well”
“I brought some soup from home, I already envisaged that we’ll be tired to cook, after the cleanup. I’ll just boil rice” I said.
“Anike you are a life saver, that’s so thoughtful of you, she rushed to the pot of soup and was amazed to see meat, fish and pomo gracing the soup. “This is a good definition of ose igberaga” (week of enjoyment) she said jokingly. We slept immediately after eating.
Olamilekan came to the hostel the next day. He brought a carton of noodles with him and handed it over to me, he said it’s for Tinuke and I. We both thanked him.
I saw him off to the packing lot where he parked his car and handed over the plastic bag I carried to him. It was a gift I bought for him. He thanked me, opened his car and gave a plastic bag also. He also got me a gift too. He entered his car and I watched him zoomed out of the parking lot.
I went to my boyfriend’s lodge on a Saturday after my practical classes. Tinuke did not follow me this time.
I got to his logde and met him watching a movie.
I heard the movie is interesting, I don’t have enough time to watch the movie at his place, so I told him I’ll copy it on my flash drive before leaving.
He cooked for me and I ate to my satisfaction. When I was ready to leave I took his laptop so I could copy the movies. The laptop was passworded, I told him to come enter the password and he said the password is Anike mi. I entered my name and the system came up. I smiled and promise myself to do the same.
I copied the film alongside with the interesting ones he told me to copy. He dropped me off later at the hostel.

To be continued

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