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[Story] Corper’s Lodge – Episode 11

By AlessandroWhatsApp only: 08066244861

Time stopped for what seemed like 10 hours oh I meant 10 seconds……as the next minute I heard her

‘why did you stop?’

‘ ehm…m….m nothing, just trying to adjust my body’ I stammered

‘ don’t go and start having funny ideas in your small head’ she said while I resumed the massage. After I massaged her back to the best of my ability, I stopped then she asked if I won’t massage her lower part?

‘ did you stop? What about my lower part, my Buttocks, my laps and even my front? Or are you not up to the task?’

I was left speechless, then she added while she twisted and the white towel removed from around her body….

‘ be fast about this boy, we have a tutorial to get to’ I had totally forgotten about my main reason of being there by now. I got started on the thighs first, massaging the thighs with the oil and at intervals teasing her inner thighs with the fingernails on the thumb, as this progress, I felt I heard her grunt or was it a moan? I wasn’t sure yet! I continued and I was convinced she was moaning to my touches so I intensified my tease of her inner thighs and even progress upper into the beginning of her Buttocks crack. As I got here, she spread her legs a little to give my hand the space to ‘massage’ deep. This I didn’t fail to do as I pushed my right thumb into what I felt was the opening of her Kittycat lip. As my thumb touched her Kittycat lips, she jumped and gave an audible grunt. I didn’t stop at that as I retracted my thumb, she spread her legs wider still and I noticed a thick fluid on the towel lying under her ‘wow, so you are wet Bytch’ the latter part was said under my breath though. I stand pushing my thumb between her lips opening up and down without going inside her. This tease keep getting a loud moan from her while her eyes were closed. After some minutes I stopped and then turned her around ‘to massage her front’. I was lost looking at her full Bosom…… ‘Oh wow’ I said loudly and at the same time my hands were fixated on her melons. I cupped the two melons together and rubbed them against each other, then leaving one hand on her Bosom to playfully stroke her two Tips switching between twitching the Tip bud in between two fingers and rubbing the tip. My other hand rove through her skin stating from her necks to her chest then her flat tummy, abdomen to her frontal laps. All this while her eyes were closed and the stench of her womanhood filled the room and she hasn’t stopped moaning. When my free hand got in-between her thighs again, she gasped and arched her back while each of her hands went to her Bosom and clit respectively. Her hand on her Bosom compliments mine as the two squeeze the Bosom and then stroke the areolas to the Tips.

Knock! Knock!!

To be continued 

Updated: July 21, 2017 — 11:33 am

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