[Story] Corper’s Lodge – Episode 12

I thought at first it wasn’t real, so I continued. Then I heard it again louder. Rita on her part was probably too hot to hear it as she didn’t even show the sign.

‘ Rita you are in….coman open your door joor’ said the voice as she banged the door even louder.

‘uhm, baby hold on’ she grunted under breath. She got up, wore her dressing gown and threw the towel at me to return to the bathroom for her while she went to open for her friend.

‘hey Gina, what are you doing here?’ she exclaimed silently.

It was still obvious that she was still under the influence ‘highness’ of the foreplay.

‘I came to say hi to my camp friend for the weekend, since you said you would be ar…o….u..nd’ she paused on sighting me. Then she turned to Rita, obviously for some explanation or introduction.

Rita got herself and started…

‘Oh Gina, that’s Alex my lesson student and my soon to be boyfriend, and Alex this is Gina my friend from NYSC camp’ she said giggling.

I was lost “soon to be boyfriend?” What does that mean? I was lost in thoughts when Gina came to me

‘hi Alex, nice meeting you’ she said while she stretching forth her arms obviously for a hug. I didn’t disappoint though as I joined her midway for a hug that I felt was longer that not normal till we both heard Rita cough out.

‘nice meeting you too ma’ I said

‘Oh please call me Gina’

‘ alright, enough of the introduction guys, me and my baby have a lesson to get to, Gina food is in the kitchen’ Rita said as Gina didn’t waste time as she headed to the kitchen immediately

‘Oh and please don’t finish it, as Lex would have the rest for lunch’ she added.

‘Rita you outdid yourself this time around… this is pretty nice’ Gina said

‘Ahn ahn, this is too much na big head, you’ve scrapped the whole pot’ Rita said when she saw the plate of Gina’s food

‘ what’s wrong with this one? Your boy can’t finish the rest in the pot’

All this while, I removed my books from my bag to start the lesson I came for.

After eating, Gina announced she wanted to shower, she got inside the bathroom with her clothes then came out few minutes later wrapped in Rita’s short white towel which shows a large portion of her fresh fair laps and also pronounced her figure which was a perfect ‘hour glass’. I couldn’t help but stay at this Sekxy goddess while my teacher kept staring at me with a deep frown I could only term as jealousy.

I quickly adjusted when I caught Rita staring at me and Gina smirked.

After her bathe?, Gina slept off not too long later as she complained that our lesson bored her and Rita promised that when we are through we’d all go to see a movie.

After Gina slept off, I just suddenly felt Rita’s hand on my inner thigh………

To be continued

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