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[Story] Corper’s Lodge – Episode 7

7’errrrm, Alex……’

‘Tunmi……what are you doing at home? You just left na’ i replied heaving a sigh of relief

‘Its almost 10pm’ she replied

‘what!!!’ myself and Cynthia screamed…she looked at my wall clock to confirm and it truly was 9:52pm….

‘im dead, my dad will skin me alive tonight’ she said as she hurriedly scramble on her clothes as she starts walking towards the door…

‘cynthia wait up lemme see you off’ I said as I stepped up to catch up with her

After walking about a kilometer we got fortunate to get her a cab and we said her good-byes.

‘alex what was that about?’ Tunmi said as I walked into the sitting room with a looki like she was either my GF or mum

‘what was what about’ I responded covering my fright with anger…..

– Tunmi is about a year older than me, she started living with my parents well before I was born, so she’s more my sister as she was never treated as an outsider or househelp and she is in my class, though I’m in class A while she’s in class C…Oh less I forget she is down to earth with a shape to die for, nice curves and all….

‘dont be silly lex, don’t play dumb with me, I saw what you were doing with that girl, aren’t you too young for such’ she said with a look of disapproval

at that instant I tried to close up the distance between us and held her hand

‘im sorry you had to see me that way’ i said as I smirked……

‘no worries, just be careful, and keep up your game safe’ she said without removing her hands from mine……

At that instance, my rod was getting hard again, so I decided to take my chances..

‘Gbosa,gbosa’ came double slap on my face…… ‘are you insane, ehn Alex, or are you mad ……. Do I look like one of those cheap worthless girls you run around’ I went blank, confused as she continued screaming at the top of her voice…..

‘I decided I wasn’t going to report you to mum before, but with this stunt you pulled, I’m definitely telling her, you need to be cautioned’ she added as she furiously went out of my room and slammed the door on me.

For about one hour, the world stopped as u failed to register anything meaningful as I stood rooted to that same spot…..After what seemed like forever I finally got myself and decided to check on Tunmi and apologize to her ‘cos I can’t afford her telling mum about my escapade as she was gonna kill me

‘knock knock’

‘sister Tunmi I am very sorry, I don’t know what came over me, please correct me as your younger brother that I am’ I pleaded with tears at her door. I poured my heart out and begged with full tears for what seemed like 4 hours

‘Alex what do u want?’ I couldn’t but notice her red eyes when she finally opened the door, she couldn’t look up at my face

‘Tunmi, I am deeply very sorry, I promise I will never do it again’ I said semi prostrating……….. then she shock me with her next actions…….. .

To be continued in episode 8 

Updated: July 15, 2017 — 7:11 am

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