[Story] Corper’s Lodge – Episode 9

After having a breakfast of Omelette, bread and tea I left for Corper Rita’s lodge. Getting to the lodge, everywhere seemed deserted as every occupant has left for the weekend save for Rita.’knock, knock’

She didn’t bother asking to know who is at the door, the door flung open and she hissed loudly while she turned back into the apartment.

‘so what made you change your mind to Grace us with your presence, Lord Alex’ she asked from the kitchen as I was making myself comfortable on the chair in her single room self contained apartment.

‘im sorry I slept off’

‘so you expect me to believe that you slept till this afternoon?’

‘ it’s just half past 10 in the morning ma’ I replied

‘really? So if I had not called your house, you wouldn’t have bothered coming’

‘no, I would have been here if I had woken up earlier’ I protested.

She came out of her kitchen now holding a tray containing two plates of sweet smelling jollof rice, a bowl of fried plantains (dodo), a bowl of freshly made coleslaw and two glass cups…….

‘ oh father lawd’ I breathed. Jollof rice and coleslaw is an obsession for me.

She set it on her bed and invited me to come sit with her while extending my own plate……..

‘ I’m ok ma, just ate before leaving home’ I said feigning ‘good boy’.

‘what!’ she screamed all of a sudden to my surprise

‘so you mean I went through this when stress for nothing? You are joking young man’ she continued ‘ c’mon, I deliberately went to market yesterday to put all these together just to feed you today and make it memorable’ she said as she stood up and came to me holding my face with a look like a woman begging her husband to eat after a quarrel

‘do I have a choice?’ I asked

‘ no you don’t, Mr man’ she said while she smiled and tapped my head lightly. She then held my hand and led me to her bed.

‘wow, what a meal’ was all I could say after eating the meal and sharing a 1 litre pack of chilled Chi Happy Hour with her…

‘rate my food baby’

‘ 10 out of 10?’ i said


I nodded in the affirmative while she smiled. I took up the plates and cups to take them to the kitchen and wash.

After washing the plates and arranging them back in her rack I made to return back to the room.

The sight that greeted me left me open-mouthed……………..

To be continued 

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