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[Story] Diana : Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 14

Diana and Bode enjoyed the rest of the weekend without disturbance. Toke did not return like she said she would so they had all the privacy they wanted. On sunday evening, Bode prepared to go pick his wife and kids from the airport.

“Dee, i wonder how i will cope when you go to school. I don’t think i can do without your sweet body” Bode said to her

“Go away jor” Diana shoved him playfully. “You that as soon as your wifey enters this building you will form ignorant. Let me jejely go to my school abeg”

“Have you considered going from home? I can provide a car for your convenience” Bode bribed her.

“Hmmm, a car won’t be bad. I will think about it. But wait o, won’t you give me a car even if i decide to stay on campus?” Diana asked smugly

“You will have to convince me on that” Bode said as he planted a kiss on her lips and left for the airport. Diana smiled as she dialed Toke’s number to give her the latest update but the latter did not pick.

“This yeye girl, i won’t be surprised if she is with a random dude” she said to herself as she took a walk in the compound before her aunt’s return. Aunty Jumoke’s roving eyes and disapproving glare restricted her to her room.

“Aunty Dina” Aliyu called out as soon as he sighted her. Diana immediately regretted her decision to take a stroll, she was at the mercy of the illiterate. “Good evening aunty” He greeted.

“Yes Aliyu, what do you want?” She asked impatiently.

“Ahan, i no fit greet you again? He said in feigned surprise. “Me and you be best friend that year o”

“Aliyu, please do not disturb me abeg” She made to leave but he stopped her

“Aunty, e be like madam dey come back today” He said

“And how is that your business?” Diana felt the anger well up inside but she kept calm

“Erm, i go need small money buy some kind things. you know say madam sometimes dey give me small food” he asked boldly. Diana swore underneath her breath.

“Okay Aliyu, i will give you some money. I dont’ have much so you will have to manage what i give you” She turned and went into the house

“Who sai? If i hear say she no get money. That her uncle go dey give her money as i sure say he don dey pump am well” Aliyu laughed to himself, happy he had found a meal ticket. Back in her room, as Diana counted some money to give to Aliyu, she wondered if she should seek Toke’s advice on the situation she was facing. She needed to deal with Aliyu without him resorting to further blackmail

To be continued… 

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