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[Story] Diana : Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 16

Written By “Maybelconor”

Myles stared at his sister lovingly as they eat together at the dinning table. She was due for school in a few days and he was already missing her terribly. He wished there was someone to fill the void in her absence, but his parents stopped having children after his sister. He couldn’t blame them though, his plan was to have two kids when he finally found the right girl. He was so deep in thought he was startled when his sister threw a napkin at him.

“Ahan Myles, I’ve been calling you since forever but you were lost in space. What in the world were you thinking of?” Linda frowned at him

“Leave your brother alone and eat your food” Agnes, their mum scolded her. “I wonder who you will get to disturb when you move to school”

“But mum, do i really have to sray on campus?” Linda asked “I’ve not really been around Myles since he went to school abroad, and now that he’s back you sending me away, its not fair” she whined

“It’s not like that dear, we just want you kids to learn how to be independent a bit, away from us to you can learn to take decisions on your own. It’s a rule in this house, Myles went abroad, you lucky your mum pleaded we send you to school here if not you would have been out of the country by now” Chief Alex added

“Indeed, you want us to be independent or you guys just want to spend some time alone, you old lovebirds” Myles joked. His parents laughed

“Yes, leave me and my husband alone. You go and bring a wife home” Agnes said to him

“Soon mum, soon” Myles replied

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