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[Story] Diana : Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 17

Written By “Maybelconor”

“Aliyu!!!! Come here now” Jumoke called the gateman as she walked towards the gate

“Madam, i dey come oo” Aliyu shouted as he rushed out of his room. Jumoke made to hit him but he quickly dodged.

“You deaf? You no hear me dey shout your name since? You don dey craze abi? All of una just dey mad for this house. Shey na because i comot 2 days una dey do anyhow. Oya tell me, where does Diana go to when i travel?” Jumoke asked

“Ehn,Madam, i no hear wetin you talk” Aliyu said as he moved away from her

“You dey craze? I said where does Diana go to in my absence? If you no talk now i will hit you with my slippers” Jumoke threatened

“Madam, walahi aunty Dina no dey comot for this house. You fit ask oga she no dey go anywhere. If she comot Oga go know, ask Oga me i no know anything walahi” Aliyu pleaded

“Shut up your dirty mouth. Calling my husband into this matter. Like i don’t know he hardly stays at home when I’m away. I dey watch all of una, i go pursue una comot for my house soon” Jumoke hissed as she walked away. Aliyu made sure she was out of sight before he burst into a fit of laughter.

“Oga no know? Oga he comot for house? This woman he no get sense fa. I don tell am wetin she supposed know she dey knack grammer, shioor” He hissed and walked back to his station at the gate.

Updated: July 20, 2017 — 6:07 am

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