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[Story] Diana : Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 18

Written By “Maybelconor”

Later that night, Jumoke snuggled up to her husband in bed and tried to talk about Diana.

“Honey, do you notice some changes in Diana?” She asked

“What changes?” Bode replied calmly. He knew his wife trusted him too much to suspect anything

“Well, she looks radiant, i mean the girl is practically glowing” Jumoke said

” Is that a bad thing? If she is glowing it means she must be happy. Com’on hun, give the poor girl a break. If she’s found happiness after what happened let’s let her be” Bode pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips to stop her from talking.

“If you say so i just don’t want any trouble, that girl is bad news” Jumoke continued.

“No need to worry, She’ll soon be going to school in a few days. You won’t get to see her much anymore.” Bode informed her

“Hmmmm, but does she have to go to such expensive school? I get that her dad has paid for the first year but who will pay for subsequent bills? Remember we still have our own kids” Jumoke complained

“I don’t know why you are bringing this up. Paying her fees will not affect our children’s future. It is my duty to cater for her, so my late brother can rest in peace. I don’t understand why you keep stressing this, I’m going to bed” Bode snapped at her and turned to face the wall.

“Oko mi, don’t be offended. I’ve heard you. Ma binu please.” Jumoke apologised

“It’s alright, let’s just go to bed” Bode held her and they went to sleep.

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