[Story] Diana : Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 19

Written By “Maybelconor”

Back in her room, Diana brought out her phone from where she had hid it and dialled Toke’s number. She picked after the second ring

“Babym, how are you?” Toke shouted at the other end

“Fine o, you just forget your girl” Diana replied

“Babe no be so o, i’m hustling so i can get everything i need for school. You know i don’t have a rich uncle like you na” Toke joked

“Come off it jare. You don’t need much, as accommodation in the school hostel was paid with the fees, so wetin u dey find money for?” Diana replied

“Babe, you forget our school is for the rich and top class people of the society. I no want make anybody use my nose rub ground abeg, me sef must dey among” Toke said

“Hmmmm, na you know. There’s this issue i need to discuss with you, but not over the phone okay? When can you come over? My aunt is around now, but we can meet just outside my gate. On second thoughts, that’s probably not a good idea, maybe till weekend but make sure say you show oo” Diana said

“No p babe, I’ll try okay? We’ll talk later, i dey go club abeg.” Toke said

“Ahan, Toke you dey go club sunday night?” Diana exclaimed

“Why not? Is there a specific day for clubbing? Abeg let me go catch my fun biko, later love” Toke said as she hung up 

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