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[Story] Diana : Good Girl Gone Bad – Episode 20

Written By “Maybelconor”

Toke was already prepared for the night’s outing when her phone rang again.

“I hope it’s not Diana o, I’m not up for long talks abeg. She has a phone now it’s to bug me” she said as she picked up the phone. It was Stephen, her date for the night

“Boo, are you outside? She asked excitedly”

“Yes dear, hope you ready?” He asked

“Well, almost” Toke lied “i just need to do a little make up

” hmmm, na wa o. I know you girls take forever. Do hasten up okay? I need to go pick up one of my friends” Stephen replied

“Baby, you didn’t tell me someone else would be joining us” Toke complained “It was supposed to be me and you time”

“Chillax dear, he won’t be riding with us, he’s coming with his car. He’s not really been around so he’ll have difficulty finding his way to the club.” Stephen replied

“But does he have to come to the club with us?” Toke continued to complain

“Babe, I’ve not seen this guy in years. He’s my guy, don’t worry he won’t bother us okay? You’ll definitely like him” Stephen tried to persuade her

“Okay,if you say so” Toke grudgingly agreed. ” I’ll be down in a minute” she said as she hung up

“Why did Stephen invite someone else? The more drinks he pays for the less money he’ll have to give me. Which kind nonsense be this? I wonder the yeye person he’s bringing sef. It better not be all this fellows that will go to Ghana for one month and come back with a British accent, i can’t deal abeg” she said as she went out to meet Stephen in the car

Story has been stopped

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Updated: August 3, 2017 — 4:13 pm


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  1. After i posted that you should delete story, you hid it for a while and continued to update. Well since you have decided to plagiarise my work you might as welll continue the story. I wonder how you would feel if hackers do what they do best to your website.

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