[Story] Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (18+) Season 5 Episode 11

Everyone had been hearing us.. Yeah! I could tell because there

was nothing playing in the sitting room.. But nobody dared to

come out as the house was pretty F**ked up.. I guess Faith was in

the wrong house at the wrong time .. And I? In the wrong side of


They say just before you die, your whole life flashes in front of

you.. And right at this moment, the last 6Days flashed in front of

me.. I was about dying.. My end was near and this wasn’t just my

end.. It was the end of the end.. It was an end.

“Faith.. What is going on here?”.. I heard a voice speak as I tried

so hard not to return her forced kisses which she just wanted

because she wanted me to turn her into a slurt..

It was Joyce, and she just stood there confused as to what was

going on..

“I hate You Ladi! And I will forever hate you!! All My Life”…. She

said as she slapped me again while I just sat there with my silent


Joyce tried separating her from me and in this cause, Abigail and

Esther came in.. It was obvious she was putting the whole blame

on me, like non of the blame went to Abigail because she stood

there, begging Faith to leave me alone..

“Shut up Abby, you allowed him Used you.. He f**ked your life and

called you a Sl*t”.. This I wished she never said as everyone

(Joyce and Esther) looked in the direction of Abigail who to me

didn’t give a f**k..

Then Esther started crying.. She joined Faith in beating me, no one

knew what was happening until Esther said “You used us all?”..

“Oh My God.. You too?”.. Faith said as she left me alone, placed

two hands on her head and was crying.. I was shocked to the fact

that she didn’t even know .. If to say I know say na only one

she know, I for iron fast!..

Funny how I got to be blamed for all this.. When I was the one that

was s£duced, the only one I s£duced was Abigail and she was the

one that asked for s*x.. I never wanted this..

This time around, I had to leave the room as I knew Joyce won’t

dare accuse me of anything. Abigail just stood there, looking at me

like she still doesn’t give a f**k like she knew all what were said..

I knew I had to leave the room and prolly the house before I get

killed.. But as I was about getting the energy to Run out, Uncle

Daniel came in, asking what was happening that won’t let him

sleep on the last day of the year.

Joyce started telling him what was happening.. And the Man had

the guts to walk up to where I was, told me to stand up.. Then

gave me a slap that almost blew me out of the bed!.. I didn’t say a

word, Just looked at him with a dangerous eye as I felt my body

outbursts.. I felt some itchy feelings on my body as I scratched it,

then just like an evil spirit, That voice came back..

To be continued…. 

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