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[Story] Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (18+) Season 5 Episode 2

I was walking behind this goddess as I was looking for a word to

qualify the to and fro movement of that A$$..

Didn’t see a word

so I just decided to call it Bakololo, knowing very well that she

will see me through the widow reflection, I just focos my eyes for

the yanxxxh.. *Timaya later saw this kinda on yanxxh and he ran

to sing UKWU!!!!!!!!!!..mtchessss *

She asked who was home, I told her I was the only one (I

lied?).. Asked for a SmirnOff ice but to show you I was not with

my mind, I gave her Power Horse , or was I acting with good


She gave some story about when her Dad flogged her on her

Bum-Bum and how she couldn’t sit for days but at this moment,

I was getting impatient so I placed my hand(left) on her Back,

lowered it to her A$$ and asked her to show me where her Dad

flogged as I wanted to massage it.. She just smiled and said she

would teach me azonto first, den we go and eat Banku.. (Chai!

Ajebotas no get problem I swear!.. )

But I had to make something clear here, so I asked “Hope its my

own version of Banku”? with some “YOLO” face. She laughed and

said I wouldn’t dare eat that, that its gonna burn my tongue .

“Let me worried about that baby”.. I said as she stood up to

dance azonto for me, by this time, I was tired of showing my

gentleman self as I went to sit down at a place her A$$ was

facing.. The sight of that shaking something gave my Brain a

knock out as my hormones took over the duty of the brain, I

stood up to dance with her. Before now, all I wanted was to

prove a point to Faith that I was not a small boy but now!.. I

would kill Faith if she mistakenly disturb me seeing that Bare A$


I qucikly switched from USB to soundcity because all those

Azonto beats wouldn’t let me get her in the mood. Luckily for me,

DRAKE’s BEST I EVER HAD was playing and she started giving

stories of how she loved the song.. She wanted to say something

else when I grabbed her A$$, sq££zed it and my hand felt like it

was pressing a Balloon. She looked at me with her eyes closed

as a motive said I should kiss her and tell her what she wants to


“You are the best I ever had babe.. Been afraid of love but now I

am ready.. I guess this is what they call love”.. I said to her as I

held her by the hips, kissed those red lips of her as she became

free with me, rounded her hands around my neck as she kissed

me so passionately that I started telling myself that those words

worked .

“No.. Its lust, and we will enjoy it while it lasts”.. She said into

my ears as she returned to kissing me. Me hearing this gave me

a relief , Like I just lied I was inlove? .. I placed my hands

on her fat A$$ as I drew it closer to introduced the BANKU

(HerPussay) and the eater of the Banku(D*I*C’K)

She left out a m0an as she said we should get a room.. With

speed, I carried her GUCCI pulse as I described my room for her

while she be at the front, but I was gunned to her A$$ like a

magnet.. When I was passing the Lobby, I made sure I say some

nawti things that faith would hear . And She(Angela) was just


“Banku Ready yet?”.. I asked with a nawti toned voice as I closed

the door to my room, closed the cottons and quickly switched on

my Red light as she just sat there smiling.. Then when I was

done, I looked at her and she said “Seems you have to prepare

the Banku yourself, its not ready”..

“Correct girl!!!!… Abeg no forget say I must KUM oh guy”… My

D*I*C*K managed to say even though it was already pained

from the over folding in the tight boxers.

I smiled and stood by the side of the bed, drew her legs closer to

me as her inner thighs were touching my Front side, then I said

“I am a profession cook you know?”.. I walked my hand around

her hair as I kissed the hell out of her while one of my fast hands

went straight to the bottons of the shirt.. Dumb me didn’t know

there was no botton..

Anyhow, she pulled my shirt in speed as she kissed and walked

her hands down my spine bones.. Omo! This one na spoiler!!!!!

.. See as she take spoil my bottons!!!

I finally went into bed with her as she held my trousers by the

waist and drew me in while she removed the belt I was wearing.

When she was doing this, I was busy opening her Bra, even

though I was not perfect in that (YET), I knew that the B…R.A

was tired of carrying overload goods, so it didn’t even wait for

me to try openeing it before it went loose.

To be continued……

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