[Story] Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (18+) Season 5 Episode 6

Now that got to me, I thought they were just words but as I

headed to my room, the words echoed as I once again felt weird.

I knew I was vulnerable at that point because a tear dropped

from my eye.

“Boss, This girl crushed on you even before the Party, she likes

you, can’t you hear her cry? She hates you now, go set things

right”.. A random something said to me as I felt the urge to cry

but no way.. I cleaned my face and decided to knock on her door


“Go Away! I never want to see you again Ladi.. Just get out”..

She finally said after I knocked for minutes.

Now I wasn’t ready to back down now, I was too deep for me to back out as I begged

her, in my teary voice too

“I AM SORRY!!”.. For the first time in my life, I meant it, inshort, I

over-meant it!! and I didn’t care if I sounded silly, all I

wanted was for her to open the door.

“What do you want? Tell me sorry? For the disgrace? For the

distrusts? Or for the fact that you mocked me because I loveD

you?”.. She said in a tone I considered my weakest point .

*Lets face it, I didn’t know she loved me the way I did, beti why

would she go on twitter and insult me? .. Publicity Stunt? *

This sparked my brain as I started saying things I never

imagined I could say, I was still saying them when the door

handle shook, and then I summarized with Please Let’s Start

Over Again!!!!!!…

There she was, miserable looking(damn sure I was also

miserable to her) as she looked at me standing.

Then her

cologne blew me away as all I could do was Kiss the girl that

has been making my brain misbehave .

She fenced her hands around me as she drew me into her room

while she returned my kisses with the roughest, softests and

lipest lips ever *Autocorrect*.

I call that Kiss the Salty Gomohra as all I was tasting were

salts and salts(Tears?). There was something special about her

Kiss, its just magical and I could go on Kissing her for the rest of

my life!.. Especially as she tried to stop crying

We la!d on the bed(she on me) as we kissed our lives away, I

didn’t make a move for her Shirt, nor her Shorts..

All I needed

was satisfy my lips, besides, I could hear those noisez

SanitaryP..AD makes when a girl on her “Monthly Salary” wears

it. Yep! I had this weird feeling that she was on her Pee .

After like 5minutes of Kissing, the phone in my pocket rang…

Faith helped me bring it out from my pocket as it had “Los

Angela” boldy written (chai! I hate Nokia X2 ehhh ) on the

screen. She smiled and said “Your booty call is calling”..

She picked it, told Angela to hold on so she would give it

to me . And when she gave me, I got convinced that really,

Angela was in nigeria just to have fun.


Angela: Hey Shaky Boo.. Please don’t tell me you are going 3rd, I

need you alive oh..

Me: C’mon, don’t be so nawti, when am not Micheal Jordan (Lol!

You guessed right, I had to talk with senses)

Angela: Sharrap! Well, am home, just thought I should let you

know.. And keep my Gees, don’t give it to that girl that picked my

call, might be too expensive for her.

I was just laughing like a foooool as I told her I would call her

back. Then with the eyes faith used in looking at me, I had to say

something sayable(autocuRret!!!!)

“That was Angela, the…”.. Was explaining when she cut in with

the following :

“The one that you brought into the house, stayed in the room with

for like 30minutes, oh! You F*U*C*Ked her, then she tweeted a

pic, you added your Handle to get me jealous, which you

achieved 200%, then you two started saying silly words, and I

will so break your head for opening that Door , then you gave

her that shirt which I loved and….”

“Excuse me, do I know you?”.. I interrupted her as I already

heard what I wanted to hear. You will agree with me that she

was following my every move right from the sitting room to my

room .


Faith: No.. Actually, my name is Faith, and I am the girl you have

been hurting since Christmas day

Me: Wow! Well, am Mr. Danladi, I am the KID you have been

HUNting since Christmas day.. Nice meeting you, right on top of

me ma, about to be kissed all over. *with a smile*

Faith: Ya Dumb! Couldn’t you just apologized? *she said as she

stood up to sit on the edge of the bed*

Me: Not when she is on her cramps..

Faith: *shocked*.. You now keep tab on my cycles?

We exchanged what I call our style of apology for mins as she

got to tell me what really happened that day, and the days before

the day.. Grab your sit and read

She did told me that Ken(Remember him? The dude that spoils

the show) and her actually dated, Yes! She did some moves to

make him jealous but it was just for the sake of having fun as

Ken broke up with her and started dating her bestie. Non of her bf

stays in london, just a friend of hers she has been crushing on

since 6th grade. IKR? Why would she lie?


Faith: Alright fine, what you want to know? That he was my

first love? That I did all that to get him jealous so he would

come back to me? Or that he is the Guy I said stays in london?

(If you reason like I did when she said this, then we are going

to be sad together I tell you

To be continued…. 

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