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[Story] Home Alone Reloaded (18+) – Episode 4

Now for those of you that does not know the way barracks are built, lemme give you a little insight.

Each block is made up of an exact number of self contained rooms depending on the length of the block and and ours has seven rooms.

Our room is room one, while Samuel my friend and his family do stay in room two. The third room is occupied by Mr Johnson, Amaka’s father. The fourth room is occupied by a single soldier, brother Musa who hasn’t marry. The fifth room is occupied by Miss Jennifer, a young and Sekxy soldier girl who passed out from depot not too long. The sixth room is occupied by Mr David, a soldier man with three kids. Two twin girls named Ruth and Rose and a big boy who goes to a polytecnic nearby, his name is chucks. The seventh room is empty for now.

Now, we are only two boys in the block, me and Samuel. And we have three Sekxy girls, Amaka, Rose and Ruth.

Unlike me, Samuel isn’t that much of a playboy so he focuses on Ruth while I bleep both Amaka and Rose though they are not aware am taking the both of them.

I was still on the bench when my phone beeped. A message just came in which reads.

“I am home alone. Please come and service me asap, I really need the BEAST in me


I smiled and stood up. If there is anything I love die is p—y. I sneaked and entered the third room making sure that nobody saw me.

Me: hello my goddess.

I said to Amaka who was putting a light top and a short mini skirt. I am older than Amaka with two years. She looked at me crotch and smiled.

Amaka: how is the BEAST.

Me: missing you badly.

I said and she came close to me. We started kissing, we spent up to five minutes kissing when she broke the kiss and said

Amaka: hurry, we don’t have time on our side.

I nodded my head and removed her top. Luckily or fortunately, she was not putting any bra so I started playing with the soft b—-t. We were still standing so I have to bend down a little.

I placed her left t-t in my mouth and s—-d it.

Amaka: oww!

She gave a light moan moving backwards till we fell down on a couch close by. I started sucking her left t-t vigorously while playing with the right one.

Amaka’s weakness is her left t-t, she preferred it being s—-d more than the right one. I kept sucking it vigorously why she was shaking like a worm beneath me..

Amaka: so sweet, please hurry, we have no time.

I nodded and moved downwards, removed her skirt and again, she was not wearing any pant. The girl is really prepared o.

Her tiny, well shaved and clean punani was there, just looking at me. I laid her well and dived into her honeypot with my tongue.

I started licking all round the libias, the pea hole and her c–t. When my tongue touched her c–t, she held the back of me head so tight and pressed it against her p—y with force.

I instantly got the message, she is about to pour. I s—-d the c–t so hard that she couldn’t bare it but shout.

Amaka: chimooooooooo, Idrissssss pleaseeee am cummiiggg, ahhh ooo!!!!!!!!!!!

She moaned as my face was splashed by wave and wave of orgasmic liquid. I held my mouth shut tightly. Even though I love seeing females during their o—-m, I don’t like tasting the salty liquid.

I stood up and removed my shorts, and the BEAST sprang out. Her o—-m and loud moaning has fully aroused me.

She looked at my heavy BEAST and her face turned pale, she knew that she will have to endure rounds of pains and excitement all together.

What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of HOME ALONE.

Updated: July 18, 2017 — 7:16 am

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