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[Story] I See Things Others Do Not See – Episode 10

Episode 10

I felt my head pounding as I slowly returned to consciousness.

I was lying down on the floor in a very large dark room, with a

singular, small window on the wall opposite mine, close to the

ceiling, not even large enough for me to poke my head

through. It appeared to be evening outside and the only source

of light came from a singular but large red candle flickering

strongly on a mantelpiece attached to the roof. I blinked and

squinted as my eyes started to adjust to the poor lighting and

it was only when I tried to get up that I realized I had been

bound hand and foot. The pounding in my head continued

mercilessly as I tried to struggle into a sitting position. After a

few failed attempts, I managed to lean my back against the

wall behind me. The whole place smelt damp and sinister. I

looked around me and saw that apart from being bound I had

been chained by one of my ankles to a heavy looking bolt on

the floor. There didn’t seem to be any need for that though, as

the ropes were already doing a good job of keeping me a

prisoner. I was a little disoriented in time but hazarded a guess

that it had been a few hours since my abduction. Abduction;

now that I had thought of that word, I began to realize the full

implications of my situation. I weighed shouting for help to

keeping quiet. It might be that my abductors had kept me

somewhere isolated and my shouting would only alert them to

the fact that I had regained consciousness. I decided to keep

quiet for now.

The walls of the room were dirty brown in colour and some

dried dark substance stained the walls in various areas. Below

these stains were strange symbols and writings, none of

which made any sense to me. I suddenly saw swift movement

on the other side of the room and I struggled upright. I saw

some movement again and something flew past my face. I

was so taken aback I yelled out and the noise echoed all

around the room. This caused more of the creatures to start

flying about and screeching in high pitched tones. Bats! I

wasn’t very fond of bats, with their little razor sharp teeth and

claws; and for some reason my brain decided that this was the

right time to remind me of a documentary I had watched on

discovery channel that bats transmitted rabies. I shuddered

and kept quiet as they fluttered and circled above me. Even

though I couldn’t see them, by the sound they made I figured

they would be about a hundred of them which would be more

than enough to do me in if they decided to attack-

Shut up brain!

I forced myself to remain calm. As far as I knew bats did not

knowingly attack humans, normal bats anyway. I squinted ,

trying to see if there was another way out of the room, maybe

the way the bats had flown in. they couldn’t have come in from

the window as it was closed, so there must be…

“Why are you looking up?”

I swiveled round to where the voice had come from. Mr A****

was standing there smiling, as friendly looking as ever. Beside

him now stood four bodyguards, all dressed as the ones I had

“seen” before. As usual they looked blank and a lot like

statues and didn’t move until Mr A**** himself did.

“What are you looking at?” he asked again, advancing slowly. I

tried moving back then realized I was already against the wall.

There was

nowhere to move back to. I put on a bold, nonchalant face.

“The bats.” I said. “I don’t like bats so much.”

His eyes twinkled in excitement and he let out a whoop of

laughter. It echoed around the room as my shout had done

earlier and the bats scattered again.

“And I suppose,” he said, “that you are wondering why we

bound you so tight?”

“Well, the chain to the ground thing is a bit much.” I replied.

“Haaaa! Wonderful!” he said, laughing again. I didn’t quite get

it and started to conclude that Mr A**** was as mad as a


“If any other person had been in this room, all they would have

seen would have been the ropes binding their hands and feet.

Only someone really gifted would see the enchanted chain on

the floor and my spiritual sentries on the roof! You are indeed

talented, boy! Tell me, how did you acquire this power? Did

you kill anyone? Sacrifices perhaps? A secret cult? I have

already looked you over, there are no charms on your body, so

how are you doing it?”

The chains and the bats had been a test. And I had passed

horribly. I sighed to myself. There were few times when I

considered myself unlucky for having the Sight. This was one

of the. But then something told me that even if I had not seen

the supernatural objects, he still would not have freed me.

“Come now, chuks, don’t you have anything to say?” Mr A****

asked jovially, “You are in the presence of a fellow seer; I see

things that are beyond the physical realm as well. I can even

tell you how I got mine, a little matter of using my wife. I had

to wait until after our child was born of course, so I could

propagate my name. I have acquired so much power and

wealth since then, up to having y own spiritual demon guards.

They follow me everywhere and have helped me out of a

difficult situation once or twice. I remember one time, many

years ago when armed robbers came to my house. I had just

acquired my guards from the spirit realm and was eager to

use them. There were five young armed men that entered my

house that day, only one made it out alive. He is mad now, still

at Uselu psychiatric hospital as their permanent guest. No one

believes him when he says he saw his comrades being

strangled before his eyes by invisible forces. I let him go then

so he could spread the word to the underworld that I should be


“I am not a seer.” I said.

For the first time a frown entered his face. Obviously he didn’t

like to be interrupted. The nice and friendly Mr A**** that I had

seen disappeared and for the first time I saw the ugliness of

him. The hardheartedness and fury he held. But I was not


“What did you say, boy?” he said coming a little closer.

“I am not a seer!” I replied boldly. “I was born with this gift. I

didn’t do anything evil to anyone to get it! I am not like you!

Not in any way! Now untie me before I show you what else I

can do!”

I was bluffing. There was nothing else I could do. I had never

been in a situation like this before and my heart was pounding

like it was going to come out of my chest and flee the scene,

but I had to appear calm and in control. This man didn’t know

anything about me. I had to use it to my advantage before

things got worse.

He studied me a while and seemed to calm down. Suddenly he

called out:

“Number one! Number two!

Two young and malnourished looking men came in from a

small door at the side, probably the same door Mr. A**** had

come in from when I was looking up at the bats. They ran up

to him and knelt down.

“These are my servants. Don’t be confused, they are real.” He

said and turned his attention to them.

“Our guest wants to give us a demonstration. Free him.”

They ran up to me and propped me up. In a few moments the

ropes were loosened and I massaged my hands where they

had dug deep into my skin. I stretched my legs a bit and felt a

little better. Things were looking up.

“Alright then,” said Mr A****. “Free yourself.”

Eh? I did a quick check and sure enough all the ropes had been

loosed, so what was he talking about? I took a few steps

forward then suddenly I couldn’t move! Try as I might I

couldn’t lift my left foot of the ground! Then I remembered. The

chain, the steel bolt in the floor.

Mr. A**** was watching me curiously as if he was expecting

me to do something. As I didn’t know what he wanted e to do I

stood there for a while as if in quiet contemplation. Then,

summoning all my strength, I yanked my leg forward.

The pain was so excruciating I had to scream out. I looked

down, half expecting to see torn flesh where my left foot had

been but it was still intact, not a scratch, as if nothing was

wrong. And yet I felt the pain burn deep down to my bone. I

doubled over and eventually had to sit on the floor. I was

sweating now and almost passed out.

Mr A****’s laugh brought me back to my senses. I couldn’t

understand now how I had ever thought that laugh was

friendly. I tried to take slow, deep breaths as the pain


Mr. A**** walked up to me and whispered in my ear. “You

have no power, do you? I’m sure you never even tried to

understand what you were given. It is said that children who

inherit their wealth lose it while those who suffered for it, keep

it. It’s a pity you are the former.”

He walked away again and continued his speech like I never

interrupted him.

“I let him go to spread the word of my powers to the

underworld but not before giving him a little gift. A little

something to keep those who heard the story terrified. I’d like

to give you that gift as well.”

“No thanks,” I said, struggling to my feet. It still hurt a little bit

but not so much. “I don’t think it will be wise receiving

anything from you.”

he smiled and walked away from me. He went towards one of

the walls and said something and one of the bats overhead

flew down to him.

“Nina has beautiful wings, doesn’t she?” he said quietly.

“What?” I said.

“Nina. The first time I saw her, she had the most beautiful

wings I had ever seen. Actually at the time they were the only

wings I had seen, and I asked my master what they meant. He

told me that such people had great and powerful destinies and

if her destiny could be tied to mine, there would be no limit to

my powers and my wealth would be even greater than I had

ever imagined. But that I couldn’t just steal it. I needed Nina’s

consent in the matter. I tried to get my son to create a blood

pact with her but so far he has failed miserably. He even tried

rebelling against me once, saying he was no longer interested

in the relationship. I had to teach him a lesson…”

“You caused the accident,” I said, shocked. “Your own son!”

“Oh, I have done a lot worse, boy, believe me.” he was walking

back to me now, holding one of the bats in his hands. As he

came closer I gave a small gasp. The bat wasn’t a bat at all. It

looked like a small monkey with criss-crossed eyes and it was

chattering maniacally. It had four pairs of long arms and a pair

of very small wings. It screeched and chattered as it came

towards me and I drew back.

“What the hell is that?!” I shouted, but he didn’t answer. He

nodded to the two malnourished men and they rushed me and

pinned my hands behind me. I struggled frantically but they

were surprisingly very strong. Mr. A**** was still talking.

“I had planned on getting rid of you, but I think that would

raise Nina’s suspicions. Afterall, I was the one last seen with

you. It would also warrant some police investigations from

your office, maybe your parents getting involved, too messy.

So I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you go. With this little guy on your


I was struggling frantically now. That thing didn’t look like it

would have anything good to add to me if I let it sit on my

head. I saw the maniacal look in its eyes and heard its

incessant chattering. And immediately I knew what its function

was. I screamed and shouted for help but my voice echoed

around the room aimlessly. Mr. A**** started laughing again

as he brought the creature closer to my head.

“See you at the psychiatric hospital, chuks!” he laughed as the

creature started attaching itself to my head. And then all went

black again. 

To be continued …

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