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[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 34

I woke up weak and tired, i saw all the fish pepper soup i ate last nite on the floor, i didn’t only see that but i saw a “mighty ocean” of the drink i drank on the floor, i turnded to see that Ilorin too threw up, “Ilorin u dey mad oh, so u sef vomit, na only my own i go clean oh” i said as i rushed out to look for rag and water that i would use for the cleaning. I came back meeting the whole room smelling like a brewery. As i was cleaning my own part of the floor, i glanced at the clock in the wall, it was 8am. “wake up oh, we don late for sch oh” i said, waking Ilorin up.

As i rushed with my bucket of water and soap to the bathroom, it was locked from inside, “who dey there?” i asked angrily “na we oh” i heard two voices, “who and who be we?” i asked curiously “na me and Kelvin oh” Sammy said, “why una dey baff together na?” i asked as i almost laughed out, “u no know say we don late for sch” Kelvin responded, at that moment i laughed a beat, “make una no do h*omo thing for there oh, girls plenty oh” i teased, “u dey mad Flow, na ur papa be h*omo” Sammy fired at me, “na ur papa teach my papa na” i fired back at him. I tot of where to take my bath for a while, so i decided i would do it just where i stood. I removed my cloth and started taking my bath at an open corner close to the bath room. As i applied soap to my face, i heard a noise, “who be that?” i shouted, trying to rub the soap off my face so i could see clearly. I opened my eyes and saw that it was a goat, “e no go better for u” i cursed the goat. Just then Angom came, “person dey inside abi?” he asked, “yes oh” i responded as he too started bathing outside. Ilorin came and saw us bathing outside and said, “i no fit follow una baff outside oh, wat of if woman come enter here” “u be mumu, which woman wan enter here, no woman dey stay dis compound, na only Mama Alhaja, and wetin dat old woman wan carry ur small p*rick do, she get children wey their p*rick big pass ur own na” Angom teased as i laughed loudly. Ilorin entered the “toilet” to take his bath and i continued laughing. As i laughed, i felt something walking on my both legs towards my p*enis area, the thing walked to my Joystick and tickle me a beat, making. me to laugh more, it tickled me in different sides of my p*enis and i laughed even more without looking at what was tickling me……………………….. Ants…………. “yeeeeeaaaaah, ant don bite my blockus oh”……. 

Updated: July 14, 2017 — 5:28 pm

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