[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 35

That day was like every other day, Juliet called me on phone and i told her i was very ill the previous day and my phone battery was down, that was why she couldn’t get me. Evening came, and the tot of Dami coming to my house made me happy. That evening was cold so i went to Angom’s room to smoke. I smoked every jumbo with joy and fulfillment in my heart. As the flames came out of my second Jumbo, it was as if my brain was soaring with it. Meanwhile Angom was playing “who do u believe in – by Tupac shakur” from his sound system. “who do u believe in, i put my faith in God, Thats who believe in, and when the going gets tough who do believe, tell me who do believe in” those where lyrics from the song, “Angom, who do u believe in?” i teased, “na God na” he said and i felt pity for myself that i have kept an arms length from my Creator. “e don tay i go church oh, all my own na women, weed, drink, i don forget say God dey oh” i said as i reminese all my trespasses against my creator. “Lord give me a sign, i really need to talk to u Lord, since the last time we spoke, the walk has been hard, i know u haven’t left me but i feel like am alone, am a big boy now, but am still not grown, all these coming to me like pain in head,………. protect me and give the strength to fight back……… Amen” i used Dmx “Lord give me a sign” lyrics as a prayer in my mind. Just when i said i needed no more temptations in my like, my phone rang, it was Dami.

I went out of the compound to usher her into my room. “u have a beautiful room here” she said, “not as beautiful as u are, my princess” i said looking into her beautiful eyes. I put on my Tv and inserted a black American movie into my Dvd. She watched the movie keenly. I was high on weed and am always more romantic in such condition. The movie got to a a love making scene, and i saw Dami was watching the scene with keen interest. At that moment, i switched on my red “romantic bob” that didn’t only lite up the room, but made it serene and warm. “gengen, today na today” i said in my mind. Dami came closer giving me a green light. I placed my hands on her l*aps, she giggled and i also drew closer almost making my bare chest touch her b*reast. I couldn’t tell what to do next as she continued looking straight into my eyes, i grabed her hands and drew her closer, this time i could feel her hard b*reast on my bare chest. I kissed her while i fumbled with removing her clothes. As her n*akedness stared at me, my d*ick was at its hardest, “ah ah ah ah, u are killing me, ah ah ah” was what she whispered as i made love to her, i scrambled and changed positon to give her the s*crewing of her life.

2 weeks later. Dami had travelled to Ife to go look after her sick grandmum. I have been going to buy things from her mum’s shop and guess what? I haven’t been paying a dime, whatever i bought there was free. I couldn’t tell why her mum gave me things for free since Dami left, until one day.

I went there to buy garri one afternoon, “good afternoon ma, i want to buy garri” i said. “good afternoon corper Ugo, how are u today?” she said. “am fine ma” i responded “come on in hunk” she added, beckoning on me to come in and seat down. “na me dis woman dey call hunk, which day dat one start na?” i said within myself as i gave her that charming smile dat melts the hearts of so many ladies. I sat on a bench and she came to seat on the same bench rather too close for my liking, “abi dis woman want make i stop to dey see her daughter” i tot. “u see, Ugo, can i call u dat?” she asked “yes ma, dats my name” i said, “common Ugo, stop the ma and call me Ireti, dats my name” she said, as i noticed she wasn’t even old facially “ok ma, sorry Ireti” i said. “u see Ugo, i have always liked ur person, u are a dashing young man, i also like ur charisma” she added. “thank u ma, sorry Ireti” i said “hahahahahaha, and another thing i like about u is dat u are very funny” she said and laughed. She told me she was a divorcee and her Ex-husband was even married to another woman, “old story, wetin Dami don already tell me” i tot as i felt pity for her. “but nawa for some men oh, why person go divorce dis kin fine woman” i tot as i took a quick glance at her “mighty jogs”. One thing i love this woman for is that she is a defination of Sexyyyyyy, with an arss that is as huge as a television, “why yoruba women dey get big nyash sef?” i asked myself as i stared at her big arss while she attended to a customer. “u see since my husband left i haven’t seen a person that could fill the empty space he left in my heart” she said while she sat even closer to me. “go find am na, abi u no dey do am well nahim make him leave u?” i almost asked her. “Ugo, i love u so much, i want you to be my sugarboy” she said what seemed like a joke to me. I took a deep breathe and said, “ehn ehn ehn, what about ur daughter, i love her so much” . She giggled and said, “i love her too, she is my only child, but its better i tell u dis now, than for me to hide my feelings” she said, “u know what, i would give u some time to think about this, but i can’t wait for too long” she added. She gave me her number that i should call her and give her the expected positive response. She stood up to measure my garri and i could now have a full view of her big ikebe. A song came to my mind, and that is Sunny Nneji’s “dis Ikebe go put u for trouble oh, ooooh Ikebe, Ikebe, oooooh Ikebe” 

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