[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 36

I got home with almost half bag of garri “free of charge”, “na who give u dis kin plenty garri” Ilorin asked, “i go theif am” i responded. “flow na ur house we go come dey take garri wey we go dey drink oh” Angom and Ilorin chorused, “bcos na me be una papa na, na me send una come serve?” i teased. I took a nap that evening. I dreamt i was chased by Kehinde my student. Kehinde was chasing me with a matchete. I ran as fast as my legs could go, as i ran ahead, i saw Juliet chasing me with an axe in front. With Juliet racing towards me from the North and Kehinde racing from the South of where i stood, i couldn’t help but move to escape from the East, as i raced with an “Usain Bolt” style to the East, i saw Dami racing towards me with an AK47 gun. Now with the West as the only escape route, i ran at the speed of light towards the West, but i abruptly halted when i saw Dami’s Mum racing towards me without a weapon; onlike others.

Just then i wished i had wings that could make me fly to the sky. I tried to move my legs but they were completely weak, i tried moving it again, this time my right leg moved but an obstacle on the floor stoped it from moving further bringing my whole body to the floor. As i lay facing the sky, all i could say was “forgive me Ladies, am sorry, Forgive me ladies, am sorry”. I continued saying that until Dami’s Mum moved closer to where I was lying and turned, now her big Ikebe was staring at me…………………………. GBAAAMMMMM!!!!, she sat on my head……………… “make una help me oh, i don die oh” i shouted my way from the dream world to reality. As i continued shouting i noticed my standing fan was on my head, just exactly the way Dami’s Mum sat on my head in the dream. “thank God for this fan oh, if not that Ikebe woman for suffocate me with her ikebe oh” i tot as i put the fan to its actual position, “but wait oh, how i take fall the fan for my body sef?” i asked no one else but myself.

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