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[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 39

“is anybody home! Is anybody home!!” i knocked as i got to her house. “hey Ugo darling come on in” i heard Ireti called from inside, “so na me don turn ur darling abi?” i said within me. I walked in boldly. “ur house is beautiful ma, sorry Ireti” i complimented, “Hahahahaha, stop making me laugh pls, i have told u to drop the ma and call me Ireti, am i old enough to be ur mum?” she asked “yes u are” i almost spoke out. “u see, Ireti i have gotten used to calling u ma, but i would try my best to change” i assured “u better do” she said stroking my nose with her finger.

“u are very handsome” she said as she moved her hands up and down my broad chest. “just as u are very beautiful” i flattered as i noticed her face was exactly like Dami’s. She went into her room leaving me alone in the living room, i heard “Ugo darling come pls” i tot she was calling someone else as i totally forgot my name was Ugo. I came in and saw her lying on the bed with a wrapper covering her body. She couldn’t even allow me settle down before she started c*aressing me.

She moved her hands to where my “chiarman” was, making it to stand at attention. She left her hands there for a while with her mouth wide open as she tot she just touched a mighty “sugar cane”. “abi Dami don tell her Mama say i sabi f*uck?” i asked myself. She gradually removed her wrapper revealing her huge b*reast. “do u like what u see” she asked, i suddenly went dumb so i nodded. “they are all yours” she whispered. “u remember i told u i love u so much?” she asked, i had partial amnesia instantly, “yes, no, sorry yes” i said tensed. “calm down Ugo, am all yours tonight” she assured, “na me u dey tell calm down ehn, if we start the main thing now u go begin beg, u no sabi say i dey score goals like Drogba, ehnnnn na u go beg oh” i said in my mind. “Where i go start from sef?” i asked myself as the show started.

“yeeekpa!! Egbà mi oh!! Ó tó oh!!! Don’t stop pls!!!” was what came out of her mouth as i gave her d*oggy style. “i no tell u say na u go beg” i said witin me. I gave her 3 rounds “action” and i told her the c*ondoms i came with was finished, she gave me another pack of C*ondom and we continued. “so this woman know say we go do nahim make she buy C*ondom keep ehn?” i said to myself as i tried to catch some sleep 

Updated: July 14, 2017 — 5:35 pm

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