[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 42

Flow, wetin wet ur trouser for ur p*rick side na?” Ilorin asked as he was seating in front of me on a bike going home. “na rain fall” i responded, “which kin rain wey go wet only ur p*rick side and all ur body go dry? Abi u piss for body?” Ilorin queried. I didn’t respond to his silly question. We got home and told the other guys what we went through.

I put on my sound system and played Tupac “keep ur head up”. A song that gave me the encouragement to always keep my head up even in difficult moments. As i was singing along and staring at the big tupac wallpaper that hung on my wall, i was distracted by the rather loud ringing of my phone, it was Ireti, she wanted me to come keep her company in her shop.

I was there in no time. She was looking very young and beautiful with her new hair do. “god!! See as this woman fine, she don even fine pass her pekin sef” i tot as i continued staring at her before taking my seat. She told me Dami would be back that evening, maybe by 6pm. “why she no com tell me say na today she go come na” i tot. I glanced at my watch, it was just 4pm, so we had about 2hours to ourselves. “Ugo, i want you to f*uck me again” Ireti said, “darling, y don’t we do dat later” i said. “take dis” she said handing what looked like money to me, it was money, i counted it, it was 10k. “take it and use it to take care of urself” she added. “thank u so much” i said giving her a peck. “now let’s start, we would do it here” she said pointing at a hidden corner of the shop, “hope nobody would see us?” i asked, ” yeah nobody, besides if a customer comes, he or she would knock first and if no reponse from us, he or she would leave the shop” she said. We started making love in the shop, i gave it to her on the floor just like she wanted it. As i entered second round, suddenly i heard………………… “mummy! Mummy!! Mummy where are u” it was Dami calling her mum from outside of the shop. “am dead, its Dami, what do i do?” i asked Ireti who hurriedly tried to put back her clothes on. “take the back door, jump over the fence and you would see a bush path that would lead u home” she whispered. I rushed out through the back door fumbling with wearing my clothes. I hurried out of the back door not knowing the herculean task that lies ahead.

I took my first jump, but i missed my step and hite my head on the wall of the fence. My eyes saw stars. I tried the second time, this time i was almost there, i was hanging to the fence with my left hand, my left hand soon grew weak and i saw myself falling with my face flat on the cemented floor. My eyes saw even more stars. I dusted myself and was prepared for my third attempt. I jumped higher and i was lucky i made it, but it wasn’t over yet. As i struggled and reached the top of the fence, i didn’t know there were tiny security wires a.k.a barb wires on the fence. I felt pains on my left hand, i looked at it and saw blood goshing. Meanwhile i was seating on the tiny but sharp barb wires. Suddenly……………….. “aaaaah, barb wire don tear my nyash oh” i cried with a low voice so nobody would hear. 

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