[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 43

I walked to the gate of my compound limping a bit and with blood stains on the arss area of my trouser. “wetin make u dey waka like dis na? Ant bite u for nyash?” Angom asked me. “no na dog bite me for nyash” i teased, “nothing bite me abeg my nyash just dey scrash me” i lied. “u don bring the table tennis board come abi?” i asked Angom as i noticed the table tennis board he told us he would buy was already in the compound. “yes oh i don bring am oh, na where i go buy am i dey since morning oh” Angom said. Angom had already told Mama Alhaja that he wanted to buy a table tennis board that we would play to keep us busy, mama Alhaja agreed and told him where to place the board when he brings it, which was the exact place Angom placed it. “u be correct man, u try, aleast we go dey rent am for boys wey wan play, u go get ur money wey u take buy am, u go even gain well sef before we serve finish” i said. “nahim make me buy am na, ehen ur babe dey ur room oh” Angom said, “which babe be dat?” i asked, “Juliet na, how many babes u get? She don open ur door she dey inside” Angom said “this boy no know say i get plenty babes, him think say na only Juliet” “but wait oh wetin i go tell Juliet say wound me for nyash and hand, abeg i go tell her say i get accident jor” i tot as i walked holding my arss to my room.

The Aroma of the vegetable soup Juliet was cooking made me realize i was very hungry. She was at the bathroom taking her bath so i hurriedly removed my blood stained clothes and put on clean ones. I threw away the blood stained clothes in the dust bin and pretended as if nothing had happened to me. “hello my darling!!” i said with a bright smile on my face. “where have u been since?” she asked as i kissed and huged her. “well, lets say i have been around like the bird” i said as i continued hugging her. She dished out her delicious vegetable soup, we ate.

It was time for sleep, she was to pass the nite bcos the next day was sunday. I took some paracetamol before i hit the bed; as if paracetamol would do the magic of relieving the pains in my Arss. It was time to sleep and of course Juliet wanted S’ex. She rolled over to my side of the bed making her b’reast to touch my back. “Ugo lets do na” she said. She calls me Ugo either when she wants S’ex or when she wants money. “Juliet, i don’t have the strength dis nite pls” i said as i moved myself to the edge of the bed, this made her angry. “so u don’t like what u see in my body again ehn, u are seeing someone else ehn” she said as she removed her clothes revealing her n’akedness. As i turned and saw her n’aked my sleeping d’ick woke up instantly. “i am not seeing anyöne, u are my one and only” i said as i c’aressed her. She moaned greatly as my hands moved to her rather fleshy c’unt. I drew closer to her and she bent down for a “b’low job” mission. The b’low job she gave me was initially like an elixir to the pains on my arss until………………. She placed her both hands on my arss for her to regain her balance, and……………… i screamed not because of excitement or sweatness of the b’low job, but because her hands on my arss really hurt me. 

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