[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 51

I got to Dami’s shop, or rather Ireti’s shop, i saw both of them. “but dis girl tell me say na only her dey shop na” i said within me. I gave Dami a hug as i saw from the corner of my eyes that it was as if Ireti wanted to stab me with the knife she was holding, she was jealous.

“i want to go do my hair, would u accompany me?” Dami asked, “yeah, anything for you, my princess” i said. Ireti overheard us and said, “i don’t expect both of you to go board a bike, why don’t u use my car, Ugo can u drive?” “ehn, ehn, ehn!! No, sorry Yes” i responded “don’t tell me a young man of your age can’t drive a car” Ireti said, “i can drive” i assured. Actually i could drive but i wasn’t perfect, infact below average, bcos i had bad records in driving, like; when i bashed my dad’s jolopy car on a tree, and when i bashed a army officer’s car with my friend dad’s car on a christmas day(a christmas i would never forget).

We zoomed off with Dami’s Mum Toyota Camry 2.2. My driving was a bit shaky. As i drove, i prayed in my mind that we should arrived safely, a prayer i wasn’t sure would be answered

My prayers were answered, we arrived safely. The salon was beautiful, with beautiful ladies adding to the beauty of the place. I was the only guy there. I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful ladies, not allowing Dami to notice.

I was tired of admiring what i couldn’t get, so i told Dami i wanted to take a stroll. I left walking to nowhere in particular. I called Omolade(the customer service lady) to ask her how soon the money would be returned to my account, she told me it wouldn’t be later than tommorow. “i like dis Omolade babe oh, kai she too fine, i go chyke am oh, but i get many women for my life now” i tot as i continued walking slowly. Just then, i saw something that caught my attention. A bar, a very beautiful bar. “so dis kin bar dey Ilesa, see as e fine, see light everywhere, oboy d place make sense oh” i tot as i crossed over to the other side of the road. Now i could see the name of the bar sparkling; LEGENDARY BAR— drink away ur sorrow. “i was sure going to drink away my sorrow” i said to myself as i walked in.

I was on my first bottle when i noticed some illegal movements. My nose confirmed the illegal movement that they was a place behind where i could percieve weed from. I hurriedly finished my first bottle and went to the dirrection the smell emanated from, lo and behold i saw a joint of weed with like twenty smokers. “so dem dey sell and smoke weed here, i go come smoke here, but no be today, i go come with my guys” i concluded.

I went back to where i was seated. I checked my wallet and discovered i had little money, that would be enough to order another bottle, even pepper soup, so i ordered them both. “mehn dis place make sense oh, and i no get money, if dis bank people no put my money back tommorow i don die b dat oh, on a good day wey money dey, me and my guys go come drink and smoke here” i said to myself as i continued to drink the chilled 1759.

I left legendary bar and headed back to the hair salon. I was very “high” and i was walking unsteady. “why ordinary two bottles go make me high like dis? Make i waka well oh, i no want make dis girl tink say i go drink oh” i said to myself as i drew closer to where the car was parked.

“u look drop dead beautiful” i flattered. “thank u, i have heard that from u a hundred times” Dami said as i put on the ignition bringing life to the car. “so where did u stroll to?” she asked, “no where in particular” i responded.

I was driving at a very high speed. “oh my world!! take it easy” Dami shouted as we almost hite a trailer while trying to overtake a jeep. “e no go better for you” the jeep driver cursed, “and u too” i cursed back.

At that moment the advert; DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, began to make sense to me. I was just overtaking anything “overtakeable”. “But what is happening, am i going to die today, Lord if i die today pls take my soul, forgive me my sins” i said a little prayer as i looked at Dami and saw fear written all over her. “but even if i would die today must she die with me?” i asked myself. I looked at the side mirror and saw a Honda car coming with high speed towards me, “or is he drunk too” i tot. I got to a junction and i was to turn left, i traffigated, but i couldn’t tell if it was left or right that i traffigated because i was confused and scared of the honda car coming, i tried my possible best for the honda car not to hite our car, and————— GBAAAAM, we hite the wall of a shop by the road.

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