[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 53

We didn’t walk a long distance before we got to Blue Angels hotel; a rather old hotel. Althrough while we walked Ireti didn’t say a word to me, not even to complement my beautiful blue long sleeve shirt. “which kin hotel name be dis, Blue Angels, i never hear dis kin hotel name before oh” i tot as i took a sip of the 1759 i was drinking in the hotel bar while waiting for Ireti who went upstairs.

Ireti came out to the bar after 20minutes, whispered something to one of the workers and went back without saying a word to me. “wetin dis woman dey plan na, abi she wan kidnap me, if she kidnap me, wetin she tink say my people go give her, me wey i no get market value. If she like make she kidnap me from now till next year, money no go come out” i tot as i ordered for another bottle of 1759.

Soon, a worker in the hotel came and told me Ireti wanted me to come meet her in room 17. I almost missed the room wanting to enter room 15. I knew i was in for it. I knew it was “show time” with my sugar Mama. But i never knew there were two ladies inside.

I opened the door to see what looked like a movie scene. Ireti was in bed with another lady, they were kissing, they were n’aked c’aressing each other. My d’ick didn’t only stood up but it was as if it asked me “na only me for two of them?”.

“come to bed Ugo darling” one of the Ladies said, initially i couldn’t recognise which was Ireti, but i looked Closer to see that Ireti had a bigger b’reast. I went to seat on the bed. They ignored me and continued kissing, c’aressing, and Ireti even put almost all her five fingers into the other lady’s C’unt. “yeeekpa!! I don die oh, so dis women na l’esbians, why dem com call me here na” i tot. Ireti stood up, held me by my hands and took me to the bathroom. She removed my clothes leaving only my Perry Cole boxers. She put on the shower and started giving me a b’low Job.

I couldn’t tell if i was moaning or speaking french as she gave me a really great b’low Job. We came out of the bathroom, i was n’aked, so was Ireti. Ireti introduced the other Lady to me as Ronke. Ronke looked a bit older than Ireti, but she was for sure more beautiful. Ireti told me Ronke owns the hotel. While Ireti was saying all these Ronke wasn’t Paying attention, she was looking at my huge d’ick with her mouth wide open. Ronke stood up, c’aressed my n’aked body and grabed me by my d’ick while heading towards the bed. “Madam Ronke!! take am easy oh, make u no cut my p’rick oh” i tot. I started with Ronke, bringing it in and out with my big d’ick, a d’ick that looked bigger that day. As i gave Ronke a great F’uck, I saw Ireti F’ondling Ronke’s b’reast.

Second half, it was Ireti’s turn. As i inserted my d’ick into Ireti’s fleshy C’unt, she moaned greatly. Ireti was sweeter that day, or was it because Ronke was like an “appetizer”. Althrough while i f’ucked both ladies i made use of c’ondoms.

I looked at the wall clock, it was 9pm. I woke Ireti and told her i would be leaving. She slipped money into my hands while she kissed me passionately. I asked her about the car, she said i shouldn’t bother that she would take care of it. I didn’t bother counting the money, i just left.

I got outside the hotel, went to a corner, counted the money and it was 50k (1000 naira notes). “oboy see money oh, i don hamma, so Ireti get this kin money? Abi na Ronke give her make she give me?” i asked myself. As i put the money in my pocket, i touched something that was like a roll of paper. I brought it out, and……………………. it was the 10k Dami gave me earlier. “omo, i don hamma oh, see money eeeeeh!!” i said happily like someone that just hit Jackpot.

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