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[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 55

I woke up early as usual, prepared myself a delicious rice, ate and drank the Juice i was suppose to give Sammy the previous day but didn’t. I was off to school by 7am so as to write my lesson note for 30minutes before my usual morning assembly anchoring. As i came out of my compound, i saw someone, Omolade; the customer service Lady.

“hello pretty!!” i said, “do i know u?” she said looking at my face keenly. “of course u do, am Ugo, u remember!!”. “oooooooh, my bad!!, the guy that came complaining about Atm ehn?” she said. “and the guy that called u yesterday” i added. “now i remember, do u stay around?” she asked, “yes i do, thats my house over there” i said pointing. She pointed at her house and i discovered we were neighbours.

“u look beautiful, i like ur hair do” i said. “thank u so much” she responded. We had a cheerful chat while we walked down the road. As we walked heading towards Dami’s Shop my heart beat increased, “Dami fit dey shop oh, if she see me with dis girl wetin she go think, if to say another road dey wey we fit pass we for pass am oh” i tot. With every step i took i wished we weren’t moving forward but backward.

We got to the front of the shop. Dami was there collecting goods from early morning suppliers. Dami waved at me and i waved back.

I was trying to let Omolade know that i had feelings for, but she told me categorically that she had a boyfriend. “me sef get girlfriend, infact girlfriendssssssss” i tot as she walked into the bank leaving me to walk alone to school.

“sir, ó fine gàn” Seyi a Jss2 boy said. Seyi is popular in the school as the boy that has the award for the most stinking fart. Infact when he farts his classmates runs out of the class for their dear lives. He said his favorite food was beans, no wonder he brings beans to school in his lunch box almost everyday. “and u too” i responded as he collected the books i was holding. He was walking in front of me and i could clearly see the hole in the back side of his short. “so na mess nahim tear hole for dis boy nikka?” i asked myself and smiled.

While i was writing my lesson note, i was thinking of no one else but Omolade, “she fit like me oh, maybe she want make i no disturb her nahim make she say she get boyfriend oh”. “if Omolade gree for me, i no go chyke any girl again” i assured myself not knowing that Trouble would come knocking at my door soon.

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