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[Story] Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba – Episode 64

Friday came, and the only special thing that happened was that Juliet came, we had s’ex, she emptied my wallet and left.

Saturday, nothing special, just that i recieved a text message from the church informing me of the workers training that would commence the next day.

Sunday; the workers training started by 7am. The pastor that was teaching us said, “u see if u must be a worker, u should flee from sin. You must not drink, you must not smoke, u must not womanize, all these are worldly things” “this pastor dey talk about me oh, i dey do all these things oh, u sure say dem no dey follow me from Village?” i tot.

The main service started, i saw Dami and her Mum seated at a corner, i waved at them and they waved back. Soon the service was over, i was happy, not knowing i was going to face another service or rather sermon at home.

I got home, prepared food and ate. I was about laying my bed to take a nap when i heard a knock on my door. “Ilorin i don tell u say my igboh done finish, go ask Angom him go get” i said thinking it was Ilorin. The door was open so the person knocking came in. She was a beautiful angel, a beautiful angel holding a bible “who is Ilorin?” “what is igboh?” she asked at the same time.

“ehnnnn Ilorin is my Next door neighbour, ehnnnn igboh is a type of shoe polish. Ilorin actually wanted me to give him my shoe polish” i told a big fat lie. “seat down pls” i said as i could now see she was a Jehovah’s Witness Preacher that came for their usual sunday house to house preaching.

She is the prettiest female preacher i had ever seen. She had a big a’ss, the biggest i had ever seen after Ireti’s. I couldn’t tell the kind of devil that made me keep my eyes continously focused on her a’ss as she stood staring at my room. My d’ick couldn’t help but rise, rise real hard. I was putting on just boxers short, the boxers didn’t help matters, it made matters worse.

The lady who told me her name was Tola continued preaching as i tried my possible best for her not to see my standing d’ick. But its seems my best wasn’t good enough as her topic was in line with what was happening to me. LUSTFUL DESIRE was her topic. “abi she don see my p’rick wey stand?” i asked myself. 20minutes and my d’ick was still up, “wetin dey happen na, why my p’rick go stand up like dis, e no gree go down since, which kin wahala be dis na” i tot.

25minutes and still my d’ick was as hard as rock. “bros abeg go down na” i almost said as i drew my bed sheet to cover it. “is anything the problem?” sister Tola asked. “no Ma, sorry sister” i responded. “is there a problem?” she asked again with a funny look on her face. “no ehnnn Yes, i need prayers, i need prayers ooooooh” i cried.

“stand up and lets pray” she said, “no, why don’t you bend down and pray for me, i can’t stand, i have serious pains on my both legs, pls oh bend down ooooh!!!” i cried out in jitters.

40minutes and my d’ick was not only still up but was hurting me now. She prayed for me and immediately i said…………………… AMEN, my d’ick went back to normal, i was healed.

Updated: July 25, 2017 — 6:35 am

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