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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 48

I will be travelling abroad and I want you to follow me. I can convince my father to help both of us” She said with a sad face almost filled with tears.

“You say” I repeated after standing still for over a minute without saying anything.

“I have told my daddy about you, and he said he would love to see you. I am the only child, and he always wants to make me happy” She said with tears almost in her eyes “I don’t want to leave without you by myside”. Have you ever seen the face of someone that saw a ghost, my face was a clear illustration of that type of face. I didn’t know what to say or how to act.

“My Love say something please” She said as she held my hands so tight.

“Okay, I will go to see him” I said with my hands and feet both shaking. I knew I didn’t love or feel anything for her, and all the reaction she was getting was because I just dis-flowered her. I was in for a long story, but I was always confident of handling it well. On the agreed day, we went to her house after lessons; I enjoyed the frenzy of a super air conditioned car as we made way to their house. I saw a building and I realized that truly all fingers are not equal. We have Houses and we have Homes and theirs was a perfect example of a home. I entered and sat on a leather couch and was offered a drink so as to wait for the father. He finally came, and behold I saw a young man probably in his early or late forties.

“Are you her friend she told me about” He asked with a smile.

“Yes sir” I replied while standing up to greet and was already tensed about the next thing to follow.

“Are you her boyfriend” He asked

“No…Yes..emm.. No sir” I stammered

“Who is he”? The father asked her

“My boyfriend” She replied with a grin on her face. He asked me series of questions and I did a job well done of introducing myself to him and giving him a lengthy description about myself while he listened with rapt attention. After I concluded, he smiled and brought some a good amount of money from his pocket…

“I want you to take this and never come close to my daughter again” He said with a smile “If I ever hear of you coming close to her, I will arrest you”. It was like I was having problems with my ears and I thought I kept hearing things in the negative way.

“She is travelling abroad for studies, and I don’t want people like you to become a distraction to her” He said “Take for your transportation back home” He said as he flung the money towards me. My instinct quickly made me dive towards the money so as not to allow it scatter further.

“Daddy I don’t like this” She cried while following him into the room. I quickly collected all the money and dashed away from the gate before he changes him mind. It was on the way that I realized that I was given five thousand naira for transportation back home. I quickly entered a bike of 100 naira back home and I hid the remaining money carefully inside my trouser. Immediately I got home, I carefully deleted her number so as not to get stories that touches my money. As I was about to sleep that night, my phone rang

“Hello, who is this”? I asked

“Have you deleted my number” She asked with a surprised voice

“No, my phone got spoilt, and I had to change my phone” I replied

“Okay, I am still convincing my dad, and we will surely accept both of us” She said with tears

“Don’t worry about me, I never loved you and I only used you just for the fun of using you. You will surely see someone that loves you for real. As for me, I just wanted what I got from you” I replied while laughing out loud. She cried on phone, she weeped, I could hear the voice and cry of someone who was really heartbroken. But something was wrong somewhere, I never felt pity or pain for her. I only smiled as I terminated the call. I knew something has happened to me,, but I don’t exactly what that was.

The next day during lesson; I thought she would come, so I was prepared to avoid her like a plague. But fortunately, I didn’t see her in the lesson. I quickly went to the back seat and formed familiarity with other bigger boys in the lesson center.

“Where your girl” One of them asked me 

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