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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 50

Few months later I was packing my bag to resume at one of the best private universities in the south southern part of Nigeria. I was thinking of how my journey was going to be, and also my stay in the school. Pastor Peter had warned my dad about me not going to a federal university because he foresaw that I would join bad gangs and will be killed in the end. I was just like a sheep going to the slaughter house when I was being escorted to the school compound.

When we got to the gate, it was like a prison filled with inmates. We did a security check at the first gate before we proceeded to the second gate and then to the main compound of the “School”. They checked my luggage and there was a big shout of “No camera phone ooo…” all the time. Well, I never bothered because they already bought me a big torch light Nokia phone that would end up being my best friend in school. We headed straight for the bank, and the procedure just got me tired. Everything was mechanical with little or no room for modern technology. We waited in turns to pay our fees and the line was just like a voting queue; with the help of dad, they gave us special permission and we paid. We now took a tour round the main school compound where we visited various personnel in other to get my registration number. All I saw were boys and girls strolling round the school compound aimlessly and walking in pairs. I was so shocked and felt like crying already.

“Why did you do this to me” I asked Dad with a very sad face that was almost filled with tears.

“This place will make you become a better person academically and morally” He replied with a smile. I was just too weak to talk and I was already running temperature already with enough headache. We finally met with the registrar and I was given a registration number and filled up other forms, and I was good to go. We hurried back to the gate…

“Alright, any other thing”? Daddy asked as he was about leaving

“I don’t like here… daddy please” I begged

“I have already paid above 400 thousand” Just be a good boy and don’t break any rules “Wait, speak to your mummy” Daddy added

“Mummy, please I don’t like here” I was crying slowly and saying it

“Daddy said it is a nice school” Mummy added

“No mummy, it is not. It is just like a prison yard” I said with tears

“Baby… just manage. You will soon be out” She said as she consoled me on phone. I was thinking of how soon I will be out. I am was about to study an Engineering course that would last for five years, and mummy was saying I will be out soon.

“How soon is five years” I asked myself.

“Alright, good-bye” Daddy added as he was leaving the school gate. I kept staring at him till he moved away from my sight.

“Oga pack this your load and vanish from here” One of the security guys yelled at me and brought me back to reality. I felt like giving him a heavy slap…

“You feel like slapping him shebi” One guy said by myside…

“Not really: I said while laughing

“I am martin” He responded as he brought out his hand for a handshake. I shook him firmly and exchanged some pleasantries

“I saw you crying to your father, guess you don’t wana come here” Martin asked me

“You are correct bro, I feel so sad and dejected… I don’t like it here” I said to him

“Don’t worry, you will soon adapt fast. It is actually fun here” He said “I am a school rep, so I will help you the way I can” He concluded. He asked the security man to help me pack my luggage inside the waiting bus to be transported to the hostel.

“Ask for hall rep martin, room X” He mentioned the name of the hostel before I left. I was transported to the boy’s hostel and believe me, immediately I reached, it was like another state in a state. I saw boys cooking outside, some were playing basket, some were playing football in the hostel field while some were carrying some little weight located in the open field. It was a rowdy environment filled with noise and I was just so lost. They offloaded my luggage just outside the hostel and I sat down looking like someone who just travelled abroad for the first time.

“Please, do you know hall rep martin’s room” I asked one of the guys that came around my side. He directed me and I followed his direction. While I was going, I remembered I forgot my luggage outside and with a speed of light, I dashed off to where it was located.

“You came to protect your bag”? One guy who saw me asked

“Yes ooo… before they steal it” I said with a seriousness. They gave me a very wicked laugh and I almost felt embarrassed.

“Na new comer sha” One of the guys said to his friend

“Even if you leave your luggage here till tomorrow, nobody will touch it” One of the guys said to me. It was sounding too good to be true and I thought they wanted to play on my intelligence and steal from me. I only thanked them for their advice and sat tight with my only inheritance in the school. I stayed there till hall rep Martin came around and asked me to follow him to his room, so that he can allocate a room to me.

“What about my luggage” I asked while chasing after him

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