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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 52

We resumed school and daddy was seeing the excitement of me returning back to school.

“What is now making you so happy in school that you now want to go back so fast” Daddy asked while looking and Mum and wondering. That was a question I wouldn’t want to reply, so I just left the parlor for them and headed straight to my room. Daddy wanted to escort me to school to make sure I was safe but that was going to disrupt the arrangement I have with Queen. I argued so hard to defend why I had to travel alone.

“They were calling and laughing at me for being a small boy the last time you brought me to school” I said with anger.

“But you are a small boy na” Daddy joked. I only stated my claim and told him that if he was going to escort me, that I wouldn’t go back to school again. The fear of paying fine was good enough to convince him. The next day I boarded a bus and I left for Owerri. Our planned location was at Owerri, so I stop at a bustop according to the direction she gave to me. I reached there and finally made it to the hotel she asked me to trace. It was a more executive hotel than the former one and more expensive. I didn’t even settle down before she opened my zip and started sucking every bit of my dicck.

“I missed my angel” She yelled while staring at my dicck.

“Which angel, my dicck or myself” I said with a sad face.

“You own the dicck; so when I miss the dicck , Just know I also miss the owner” She said and gave me a kiss that instantly erased the stress of the journey down to owerri

“I was a virgin for two weeks” She said while laughing hard “They don’t even allow me to leave the gate at all, I stay indoors at home all day” She lamented.

“Thank God I found you” She screamed. She was saying all this and I was calculating a method I will use to collect money from her.

“How much did your father give you while coming to school”? I asked with a sad face

“Half a million” She said with a smile. I couldn’t believe what I heard and it actually showed on my face.

“You don’t believe me”? She asked

“I believe you, just that I am too broke to handle such an amount” I said while forcing out tears out of my eyes. Infact, the tears were coming out freely because I wondered what it was like having such an amount inside your account.

“You want to collect some” She asked me

“Don’t worry, I said while lying on the bed and facing downwards. She quickly rushed towards me and hugged me from behind before kissing my neck

“After three weeks, I can still request for more money” She said “So if you want, you can collect up to 100 thousand” She said while searching around for my dicck. It was too good to be true, so I didn’t jump up in excitement.

“I know your plan, I will jump up in happiness, and you will tell me that you were just joking. It won’t work” I said slowly while anticipating her next answer

“Heaven knows I love you and would do anything just to make you happy. If you really want the money so bad, you can collect it” She said while entering the bathroom to shower

“Tomorrow baby, I will collect… I love you so much too” I shouted from inside the room

“Come and fvck me in the bathroom na” She shouted from inside the bathroom. I quickly pulled my cloths and responded to her call. It was a kind of S£x I call quick sensation; with the help of the two rugs we had in the room, the S£x was one of a kinds. We utilized various apparatus at our disposal to spark off a quick exciting S£x. She felt it bad, and I felt it as usual. 

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