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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 53

After fvcking and enjoying all we wanted, we decided to head back to school. She chartered a taxi and it drove us down to the school gate. I rewarded her generosity towards me by reading so hard for the exams. We did our clearance and we were set to write the exams. I made some other friends in medicine that were so good, and we combined together to smash the exam home and away. The Easter break was still the same thing as we also booked a different hotel and fvcked in different ways before heading home. We communicated frequently at home and I spent more time answering her call than I spent without answering any call. We talked at night to the point that my parents were thinking if I work with the network’s customer care.

I was a big boy at home and I had lots of gadgets; I was home and spent money that girls were requesting for my number. They knew someone came home from school and they knew I was the person. The fact remained that I didn’t sleep with any of them because I had realized that they were different categories of girls and I need not associate with just anybody. I ended up snatching lots of older girls from their boyfriends and they never said a word. When I felt the money I had was reduced a little, I will make a call to Queen and she never failed me.

Most of the bigger older girls were now hanging out with a bigger younger me. I was now exposed on how to book a hotel and I chose a relatively executive one and made it my constant home. Some days I book in advance and they always kept the room for me and most times, they call to ask about my well-being, that made me an important customer and I enjoyed every bit of it. The Easter period was a blast; I spent so much money that my father suspected if I finally became a ritualist overnight. The amount of money spent could be used to train a child in primary school education. I was now respected and most girls loved me, but I only related to those with class and style.

We came back to school for the second semester and I was assigned to another room where I met another set of roomates. This time around, I had guys that knew what money meant and how to spend it. Everybody in that room was a kind of rich while those that didn’t have enough tried so hard to fit in. I needed no introduction because they already knew my story. The semester continued and my love for Queen kept on growing…

“I know you love that girl because of money” Prince said to me. Prince was one of my room mates that came from a wealthy home. The difference is that he is the one spending for the ladies while I was at the receiving end. He was always begging for a contact from Queen so as to link him up with another rich Gf…

“Guy Nothing for you” I always tell him with a loud laugh. My other room mates were supportive of my actions and did well to protect my interest. I was always careful to abide by all the rules and regulations because I noticed that my Hall-representative was also having an eye for my queen. They wield one of the highest powers within the hostel premises and they can be your greatest undoing.

Towards the exam period, our first semester result came-out, I made a 1st class GP and she made a 2nd class Gp. I was motivated to do more and she was highly supportive. Before the exams, she asked her father for the sum of 300,000 naira in other to keep her shape during the exams. She transferred about 80,000 naira for me and I was so motivated to read from morning to night. I read so hard that people were now suspecting if I was on community scholarship, but that didn’t bother me. The exams came and it was blasted once more and we were good to go.

When school vacated, we went to our normal Owerri hotel to spend 3 days before we embark on our long holiday. She was becoming kind of emotional and I was worried

“What is the problem” I asked her after we eat and we were on the bed.

“Nothing” She kept on replying. I knew something was wrong but I decided not to probe further. It was a fvcking spree and I was up to the task. 

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