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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 54

I watched a video of girls having S£x through their Buttocks… can we try it”? She asked me while I was lying down and watching a movie with my laptop. It was like I saw a ghost and I quickly jumped up and was surprised

“Really”? I shouted in a mild tone “I havn’t done that before and I don’t know how to do it” I replied again

“Let us play it, and we will try it” She said while jumping around Unclad. She brought out her phone and strated playing the video. It was disgusting at first, but as soon as she started touching my dickk, it became interesting for me.

“I have oil in my bag, we can use it” She said as she dived to her bag and brought out an Olive oil

“Is that not holy Oil”? I shouted

“No, this one is not holy” She replied. I laughed so hard that I almost fell off the bed. She applied a little inside of her and rubbed the rest on my dickk and asked me to enter. It was very difficult and I could hear her shouting slowly

“It is paining you, I can’t do this” I said while removing my dickk..

“I am the one telling you to do it, so don’t reject” She said with a mixture of anger and a normal voice. Well, I had no option because I needed cash to go back home and spend. I simply forced myself to force it inside and she was waving her hand and being restless, I still entered. I slowed down when I got it, and she continued the show from there. She regulated the movement while I bent down and touched her and she was just moaning and saying so many things I couldn’t understand. After we finished from the back, she turned to my favorite position and gave it to me like I wanted it

We departed the hotel after 3 days, and she gave me 40,000 naira for transportation that cost 3,000 naira. She quickly went to the airport to catch her flight, while I used my own flight money to enter bus and found my way back home. It was a long journey but I needed to save up enough cash to spend during the holiday.

The Youth convention was around the corner and after much pressure from mummy, I decided to go. They were assigning hostels to girls and the guys could sleep anywhere aside the girl’s hostel. It was meant to last for 5 days and I decided to add a little swag to the whole show. I immediately booked for 4 days and it summed up to 16,000 naira, and I was good to go. I came to the convention looking so cool and dab and it wasn’t long, before eyes got to me.

“Can I sit with you”? I said to a young charming lady that sat close to the entrance of the hall.

“Yea why not” She replied with a smile

“You look good with your glasses. Is it medicated or you wore it to attract my attention” I said while smiling at her. She blushed immediately and turned away to smile the other way. The truth is that I have had eye contacts with her and I just monitored her movements and knew where she sat this time around. Luckily enough, there was a good space where she was sitting. 

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