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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 56

“I won’t be resuming with you guys again, I am very far from you now” I was shocked like someone who saw a ghost when he had an erection. I knew it was Queen that owns the message and I tried calling the line back and it wasn’t connecting. I can’t explain how I felt upon seeing the message but believe me, devastating would be an understatement. I couldn’t cry because I was weak to even cry. The few days I spent at home where mostly indoors because I knew something very rare has left me, and it might be difficult getting it back.

I was very reluctant to go back to school and my dad noticed it

“But you were always happy before, what happened this time” Daddy asked surprised. How would I tell him that my ATM machine has been taken away from me? I went back to school just for the purpose of going back I had lost all the motivation needed to continue in such a school. I pictured my daily activity in such a school, and I knew it would be hell in school… but was I correct?

After spending few weeks in the former hostel, we were reassigned various hostels and that means we were going to make new friends and stay in new rooms. I checked the new list and I found out I was posted to a hostel that has the name of a popular U.S city. We were three from my former room that was posted to the hostel. The hostel was a true reflection of the city in reality. It was a hostel filled with mostly halls instead of rooms. I thought we were just going to be about the same number that I saw on the list, but never knew that that number was just for 1st batch. I ended up staying in a hall I didn’t even get to know all my roommates because, I kept o seeing new faces in the room all the time. This was where I was going to spend my 200 level and I knew I was in for a serious issue.

The crowd, the theft, the noise and the wahala that often emanated there made me very un-comfortable. But as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, you have to join them. Going to class became an uphill task for me, I rather stay back in the hostel and play lots of games, discuss, eat, sleep then wake up in the evening to play the hostel football called Gombe.

“How far that your girl” Chike asked me

“Mtchheeeewww” I hissed that even a snake would think I am brothers with it.

“Why you dey vex, she don dump you”? He kept on probing. I didn’t even know what to reply him because everywhere I went to, it was the same question that was being asked. I tried talking to a girl in a popular building in the school called Engineering block, and the first statement she made was “Have you dumped your other girlfriend”?

It was something serious because I was beginning to feel the heat on me already. I was running out of cash, I was lonely aside my male friends, I was always thinking and this made my stay in school that period hell. Few days later, I met a guy that I have known a little bit during my first year, his was called Toulalan. He was a short, black and handsome guy in his final year in the school.

I thought I was “Bad” never knew that was just the beginning of more things to come. We became good friends alongside my other friend Lainus. Every week, Toulalan was going out of school and I never saw him hustle for exeat for once.

“How you dey use do am”? I asked

“You still be small boy, when you mature, you go sabi” He said while speaking in their Akwa Ibom tongue. We laughed over it, but he told me not to follow that route or else I won’t last in the school.

“So why you come dey commot”? I asked too

“Guy; me I no fit stay this school for two weeks straight make I no Fork” He said while laughing.

“Your case serious ooo” I shouted and we went into laughter

“When last you Fork” He asked me

“I be virgin since this 200 level ooo” I said to him plainly

“You go like fvck” He asked while laughing 

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