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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 58

The Easter holidays didn’t go well; I had lost the confidence of talking to girls, and I didn’t even have enough money as at then. I could talk with a girl and laugh with them, but I could even muster up the courage to ask anyone out again. I quickly prayed for the holidays to be over so that I could go back to school. My prayer was answered and the holidays ran like nobody’s business. I was about travelling when Toulalan called me and requested that we should spend the night at that same hotel so that those girls could come over.

“I no get money guy. I broke like hell” I said to him plainly “The money wey I get now, na the feeding money my papa give me for the month” I said

“Mumu, I go pay for you jare” He said while laughing “You go stay or not” He asked

“Make I pity you stay” I replied with laughter. He informed me that he called the receptionist to make reservations and incase I should get before him, I should introduce myself properly. I followed his directions and truly I got to the location before him. After much questions and answer, I went straight to my room and made myself comfortable. Still anticipating the enjoyment that would come later, I brought out my phone and started helping myself by watching some pornography videos I had downloaded from waptrick.

“This babe can’t disgrace me again” I said to myself. All this while, my dicck was already erect and waiting for any available hole to enter. I watched and watched till I slept off with an erect dicck hanging outta my boxers. The knock on the door woke me up and I could barely manage to pack in my dicck before heading to the door.

“My Nigga” Toulalan shouted as he was looking down towards my boxers “You don run any show sharp sharp”? He asked joking

“I dey warm up for that babe” I replied as I was laughing. We started explaining how the whole holiday went, while he went to his own room to refresh and gist. Towards 6pm, the worst of it happened…

“Why na” Toulalan shouted “Abeg no try am ooo” He continued. I was confused as to why he was saying such words, but I was wishing it wasn’t what I was thinking.

“Wetin happen” I asked him after he dropped the call and was fuming all over the room

“That girl na bastard” He shouted

“The girl wey come the other time” I asked already angry

“Yes ooo… Foolish girl” He shouted. I couldn’t believe my ears and it was getting late already

“Guy, I wan go pick ashawo fvck oo” Toulalan said as he was dressing up about leaving the room “You dey come” He asked too

“Relax first” I said to him “Those ashawo fit carry disease ooo” I Said in a cool tone

“Guy, all these girls wey you see around even for school na Ashawo” He said with an angry tone “I no get time to waste, I gats fucck this night” He said as he wanted to leave

“I no fit” I said to him “I dey room dey wait” I said as I climbed the bed back. It was more of horror because my dicck was willing to take anything feminine, but my spirit was so weak. I stared at my dicck and saw how disappointed it was, but I had no option.

“I no fit fvck ashawo” I reassured myself I sat down to think. Few hours later, I could hear the shout and moaning coming out from Toulalan’s room. I came closer to the wall and wished I could peep through the solid wall. I could hear the sound and the beating of their flesh when it struck together. My dicck was already paining me and I was walking all over the room

“I can’t fvcck ashawo” I said to myself again and I climbed the bed and managed to close my eyes. I woke up the next morning feeling a little bit better; but as soon as I saw the hotel attendant that came to get us food, my dicck responded again aggressively while I tried to hid it from showing its ugly head.

“Any problem sir”? She asked politely

“:No, just that….” I murmured “Emm.. no problems at all. She collected her money from the next room and I knew I was in deep shiit. After few hours, we decided to enter the school so as not to miss the day of grace that was always given.

I reached school and we went back to our room. I was surprised that nobody heard my ugly story about what happened in the hotel

“So e neva even tey wey you begin release, you go dey follow me dey drag babe” Pimpim said to me

“You dey mad who tell you say I just begin release?” I asked him with an angry face

“Make we go ask Toulalan?” He asked while laughing out very loud

“You no go relax?” I asked him while drawing him closer.

“Oya buy me chow from canteen if you want make person no hear the gist, especially that girl wey you dey eye” He said while laughing.

“Mtcheeewww” I hissed while leaving him for something more serious

“Your story go full school soon” He shouted while chasing after me. Few days later, the result of our last semester exams were out and I ran with confidence to the notice board to copy it out. I double checked the Reg No to make sure it was mine and behold it was actually mine. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I still copied it 

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