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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 60

Nothing much to hope about because I still failed woefully and I came out with a second class lower after the results came out. Lest I forget, the semester break was nothing to write home about because this time, they changed our venue for our youth convention and the people that flooded the convention were mostly children in secondary schools. I respected myself like an adult I am and listened to the miraculous word of God and became a new creature. Going back to school was the only thing I had in mind and I knew that this semester would be a do or die affair.

School resumed, and we were all ordered to change our hostels for the new session. It was one of the periods I went to church and actually glorified God for such an opportunity. Toulalan and most of his level mates had graduated, so I was practically a lone ranger. I needed to make a new friend, and I waited patiently to see who could change my academic status for good. After assigning rooms to us, I was given a room in the second floor of St Peters hostel. I packed in and I waited patiently to see my roommates that I would be spending the session with.

“You dey this room” He asked me with a huge smile

“Yes oo… chairman, I dey oo.. any probs” I asked him

“Willy come see this guy ooo” He shouted as he beckoned on his other friends to come around

“Wetin I do na” I asked surprised

“How far that your babe that year” He asked me while smiling. I knew who he was referring to, but I decided to feign ignorance to know his mindset well

“Which babe you dey talk about” I asked

“That your babe for hundred level, na you make the girl bounce me like mad man” He said while squeezing his face. We all laughed over it, while we started arranging the room to make it suit our taste. We were about 6 in the room, and I must confess, we had various characters in that same room.

“Omo wetin you dey always press for your phone sef”? I asked Williams

“You never hear of 2go”? He asked me

“Which one be 2go”? I asked me surprised. He took his time to explain to me the rudiments and the way by which the 2go platform operated. I was impressed so much by it that I begged him to register me.

“I don fvck like 3 girls from this 2go” He bragged

“Chineke” I shouted “Tell me how you dey use do am na” I begged him passionately. The moment I heard about the free S£x 2go girls were giving, I was determined to be a partaker of the free gift.

“I dey commot school next week oo..” Chuma said

“Where you dey go”? Anselem asked him

“I dey go see one 2go girl for P.H” Chuma said.

“Na so the girls dey share toto give everybody”? I asked from my up bed. “Make una link me up na” I begged

“Make I fvck come back first, I go tell you” Chuma said while laughing. He finally left school and headed to his fvcking destination, while we waited patiently for the outcome of his journey. It was a period of being serious when we needed to be and having fun when it came to that aspect. In the opposite room, I found a very cool coursemate of mine that went ahead to become the greatest friend I had in school. I call him Oti, but other people called him Ballotelli. He was just an average player of football but in his mind, he always felt like a superstar.

“You dey 2go” I asked Oti

“I don fvck 2go girls plenty na” He said “During this last holiday, I fvck like 2 girls from 2go wey dey stay Abj” He boasted.

“You fit help me register, make I follow they do 2go” I pleaded with him

“This your phone no fit carry 2go application. You gats buy new phone” He replied.

“Make I use your own dey do am sometimes abeg” I begged like someone who hasn’t eaten for days. Every day I slept, all I thought about was the free gift of S£x 2go girls would give me. Sometimes I pictured myself chyking a girl from 2go and it would give me a serious erection. I finally registered and had a wonderful username which I felt would get the ladies coming.

“Why dey no dey reply me” I asked Williams

“You still dey armature level, na why” He responded

“So how I wan use become professional or enter high level” I questioned him

“You suppose dey enter room dey spend time online well well” He said while showing me his phone and the steps to take. I took the whole issue serious that most times at night, instead of sleeping, I would be in the 2go room, insulting one person or adding any random girl I saw. It was becoming frustrating because none of the girls were responding fine

“Make I see your profile picture” Williams told me after I complained again to him. I showed him and he concluded that the picture couldn’t even attract a crippled girl from 2go

“You suppose use your best picture as profile picture” He said while laughing. It became a photo session as I wore various cloths and stayed in various positions that would send the ladies chasing after me. After many trials, he concluded that we couldn’t get any reasonable picture from the room, meaning I have to use someone else’s face as mine. We surfed the internet and saw a handsome black American young boy and copied his face and uploaded it as my profile picture. You wouldn’t believe what followed; I was receiving requests like I was a local celebrity of some sort and I decided to play along.

“See wetin this girl send me” I shouted in the room

“Wetin be that” They chorused and dashed towards my phone.

“O boy see Toto ooo” Anselem shouted. Everybody struggled around my phone just to catch a glimpse of the precious picture my 2go babe sent to me. To be frank, I became a local celebrity on 2go, I had enough friend requests whenever I went into the chat room. It wasn’t long before I landed lots of targets on my list.

“I dey commot school too” I told my roommates

“Where you dey go” They asked me surprised

“I dey go where you go your own” I replied Chuma especially. They all laughed over it, and hailed me various times as I made my way to the school gate with my exeat on my hand. The exeat didn’t come handy because I fought for it like a mad man and gave unimaginable excuses just to be given the gate pass. I had gotten the contact of the hotel where I and Queen always stayed, so I contacted the receptionist and she helped me preserve a room. I lodged into the hotel and decided to call my baby girl I met from 2go. She promised me she was on her way after I called her and all I did was look good, bath and prepare for what will go down all night. Few hours later, I got a knock on the door and it was her. I couldn’t believe what I saw and unfortunately she didn’t even bother asking if that was my picture I posted online 

To be continued…

Updated: July 21, 2017 — 10:04 am

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