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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 61

“Was that your picture you posted online” I asked her with a fake smile

“No, that was my friend, but don’t I look beautiful?” She asked me with a smile. I didn’t know what to reply her. It was just as if someone promised you rice and salad and ended up bringing Eba with bitter leaf soup for you.

“You look beautiful” I replied with my legendary fake smile. She came forward and hugged me, and immediately my dicck responded with a nod. I quickly held her close enough and quickly helped my hand by fondling with her Bosom and Buttocks.

“Stop na, it is too early” She said with a smile

“It is never to early to touch thses precious things you have in your body” I replied but this time, with a real smile. The Bosom and Buttocks were high class but the face wasn’t too good to boast off.

“wetin concern face with prick”? I remembered David’s word.

“I want to bath ooo…” She said to me. I quickly jumped out of the bed and asked her if I could join her, and she agreed. We quickly went into the bathroom, and we started bathing together. I was already hard and she saw it, and before we could finish washing just our face, she was already sucking the rod I had between my legs. It was obvious she was an expert at what she was doing because the way she fondled it, I could feel the intensity so much. I quickly complimented her action by going down and sucking the sweet hole she had between her legs. She squeezed my head and pulled my hair, she was speaking in various tongues and I continued with my job. After some minutes, I positioned her carefully and placed one of her legs on the lid of the watercloset and I inserted me dicck from beneath. I decided to use a rug for both of us, to avoid slipping and it worked perfectly fine. At a point, we were so engrossed, that we tried every position available to us in the bathroom. She had a big Buttocks, so I spent most times, spanking her Buttocks and she was giving me various ring tones. I continued banging her big Buttocks and she was moaning whether in pain or pleasure (I don’t have an idea)

“Baby don’t stop” She kept yelling. The more she said those words, the more I was filled with spiritual energy and I continued.

“Can you put it into my Buttocks” She said to me

“Emmm… not now” I said to her. Her pvssy was already too tight, and I was almost at the point of cuming. At this point, I squeezed her Bosom so hard and pulled her hair backwards like a horse while I continued banging the hell out of her pvssy. Few minutes later, we were lying on the bed, showered and waiting for refreshment from the receptionist.

“I love you” She said to me

“Wow… Thank you” I replied

“I know you have another Gf, but I just want you” She said with a sad face.

“So why did you have S£x with me” I asked her

“This is the second time I have heard S£x, so I wanted it badly” She said. I couldn’t believe my ears. So I decided to probe further

“So how did you know about anal S£x” I asked again

“I always watch it on my phone, and I see them putting it there” She replied while she started kissing my lips. I couldn’t ask more because my lips were already busy. I knew she was saying the truth because her pvssy looked like a virgin pvssy and it was good to go. Later that night, we had another round of a hot exciting S£x. This time, I decided to show her how anal S£x looked like. I quickly brought out my olive oil and used it in massaging her Bosom, and her pvssy. She moaned and was almost crying while I continued on my duty. She had become so wet he moment I went between her legs again and she was now begging me to fvck her. I hesitated because it wasn’t time yet to launch. I continued fingering and sucking her kitty simultaneously, while she was breathing heavily and almost scratching my back with her fingers. I continued and tickled her Tips with my thumb, and rolled my fingers under her laps slowly. It wasn’t long before I saw showers of water gushing out of her pvssy. She screamed and shouted so loud that I had to cover her mouth while she was curling round the bed in an awkward manner. I brought her back to base and continued, she kept bringing out water from her hole and I decided to stick in my dicck into her. For every two thurst I made, she would release and tried screaming. It continued like this till I released mine into her. The bed was messed up big time that we cuddled and used the extra bed sheet to create ourselves a bed on the floor. I knew I shouldn’t waste much energy on her because there was a bigger meat to be killed the next day.

The next morning, we eat and drank some little tea and she prepared to start going back to school. I saw her off as she entered a cab and I quickly rushed back to my room to prepare. I quickly called the cleaner to come and do justice to the room. Few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I quickly went to see who was that…

“Oh my God” I whispered to myself…

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