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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 62

I saw a goddess; the person standing at the door would be considered an obanje, if we were still living in the medieval age.

“I wish I can remember your face” I said to her with a smile. She smiled so hard that I was blushing instead of her.

“Try and guess” She replied with a smile that could melt a stony heart. I acted like I was trying to remember something so hard, but I spent most of those seconds gazing at her Bosom and the jeans that clearly exposed her Kittycat.

“Are you trying to remember or you are enjoying your view” She asked me

“Emmm…. I was doing both at the same time” I replied with laughter.

“Can’t you usher me in” She replied. That was the moment I realized that we have been standing at the door for a long while. I quickly ushered her in and made her feel comfortable. We started to talk and gist and laugh and touch ourselves simultaneously and I knew the direction we were heading to. When I was ready to fully focus on the job at hand, the phone rang

“Hello Sir, please be reminded that your stay will expire few minutes from now” The lady said with a cute voice over the phone. I didn’t hesitate to rush downstairs and renew my stay and with speed of light, I was upstairs already and set for the day’s business. You may be wondering who she is right? Likewise me, but when I asked her she clearly revealed herself to me. You remember the two girls Toulalan brought to the hotel room that night? While I slept with one, he slept with the other. Now, the one Toulalan slept with is the one I am about to sleep/fvck with soon.

“How did you know I was here”? I asked her curiously

“I work here” She replied “I knew you were around with your girlfriend, so I didn’t want to disturb you yesterday” She said

“She wasn’t my girlfriend, she is my emmm… si…” I was about saying

“I understand, your sister”? She asked with a huge laugh

“Not blood sister, but a closer relative” I said with a huge smile. She laughed so hard and fell on the bed and that got me wondering.

“Wasn’t she supposed to be jealous or angry”? I said to myself. But either ways, that is her business and my own business is to stick up my Joystick up her pvssy! After we chatted and joked for a while, I became more curious as why she came to meet me here.

“My girlfriend talked about the way you made love to her, and I wish you could do the same to me” She said seductively. She didn’t actually finish it before I noticed that my dicck was already nodding in agreement with what she was saying already. I quickly went straight for her lips and kissed her like she was hiding gold between her lips. It lasted a long while before she started drawing off my trouser and was fondling with my already erected rod. I knew I was in for something good and she was going to reap the reward of her labor. I focused clearly on her and what I was doing and didn’t even pay attention to the surrounding.

“What just flashed the light”? I asked curiously “What did you bring out now”? I asked again

“Aww.. sorry baby, it was the reflection of my watch and I had to pull it off” She said. I just nodded in agreement and went straight to my business of the day again. Few minutes later, my face was stuck in between those huge round melons around her chest region and I sucked it like I was having deficiency in milk. She moaned while I moved down slowly towards her waist level. The excitement was getting much that I could see her trouser already wet around her pvssy region. I wasted no time to pull it off and tickled her so bad while inserting my finger into it and making all kinds of sign connection inside of the pvssy. I spent much time there that she was already bringing out those watery substances that were quite irritating but also a joy to behold as they trickled out of her hole. I was about to insert my dicck into her pvssy when I realized I wore no condom.

“Baby please don’t use condom” She begged

“Wow… really? Tell me why” I asked her

“I won’t enjoy it much” She said with a sad face. My facial expression quickly changed and I already smelled fish and rat at the same time.

“Aiight no problems” I said to her. I raised her legs up my shoulders and sucked them, while I stretched my hands under my pillow and brought out my condom at the same time. I have learnt to wear tear and wear condoms with seconds after much rehearsals that I didn’t mess up this time around. I quickly inserted the dickk inside of her and didn’t give room for much talk before banging her so hard that she resorted to shouting and moaning and crying, all at the same time. It wasn’t long before the she started cuming and splashing her liquid all over the place. I continued so hard and hard that even when she asked me to stop, all I did was apply saliva to her Buttocks and continued from there. She was already weeping and tried stopping me, but a good slap from me changed the course of her struggles. I quickly overpowered her and beat the hell out of her while still fvcking her so bad. I laid ontop of her with my dicck firmly inside her anus and stretched my hand towards my phone and brought it out before filming her with it.

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