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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 63

“Why doing this to me” She said while crying

“The same reason you are here with me” I replied back. I wasn’t done with her, I continued harder into her anus that she was almost weak and was kinda bleeding before I stopped. I gave her a last dirty slap before mounting out of her. She was already sobbing real bad but I wasn’t true.

“You want to kill me” She said while crying

“Exactly, that’s what I want to do” I replied. I quickly removed the condom and the little semen in it, and forced it inside her mouth. I quickly rubbed my dicck and before few minutes, I released lots of Pour and splashed it on her face while filming her with my camera.

“Why doing all this to me” She said with real tears.

“Let me see your trouser” I said to her. She tried hesitating and I went for it myself. I dipped my hands into her trouser and brought out her phone that she used all the while…

“So you snapped me and wanted to go show our school secret police so that I could get expelled from the school right” I asked her with much anger that she was already crying in shame

“How much did they pay you idiot” I asked again “So you think you can fvck with me right”?

She was crying real bad and was blaming the devil and every other agent of darkness for her greed but I wasn’t ready to listen. I brought out my belt and flogged her real bad and she didn’t shout much so as not to attract attention to her fellow workers.

But How did I know?

***** You remember that there was a flash of light, but I didn’t see what brought out the light. Maybe it was an error on her own part that she forgot to disable the camera flash. I acted like I was so interested in the kissing and S£x but she never knew I was observing her with other eyes. She brought her phone from behind her Buttocks and was snapping several shots. I have this black mark at my back and I knew it would be evidence at the school panel if she eventually succeeds. But I couldn’t just let the pvssy go like that after I had pay the hotel fee. I enjoyed her pvssy and Buttocks and did what I wanted to do****

“I will find you and kill you if you say anything about what happened today to my school secret police” I said to her. She was just nodding with fear and I could read perfectly fine that she has been subdued. I collected and cleared all the pictures in her phone and asked her to wait for me while I bath and prepare. I forced her to go to the bathroom with me, and we both showered and dressed up at the same time. I was about leaving but I wasn’t sure if those spies were at the reception waiting to snap me and catch me red handed. I quickly covered both head and and face with a warmer and big goggle before making way downstairs. I kissed her goodbye and promised to call her if I got to school. I didn’t get scared about my name on the signing in book because as a rule in school says, “Never remember your name outside the school compound”.

I went back to school and told my roommates about my little adventure in the hands of devil and also transferred the videos of the little Bytch to my laptop before returning the phone back to the owner.

“Omo you dey lucky ooo” Anselem shouted. We laughed over it, while I focused on academics and how I could get good grades.


“You can’t do this to me, I beg you in the name of God” I pleaded while almost crying”

To Be Continued… 

Updated: July 22, 2017 — 9:11 am

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