[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 64

I finally found love on 2go; believe me when I tell you I found love. We spent most idle times chatting, talking, laughing and gisting so hard. Everyday was pretty incomplete without talking or gisting with her. Her name is Nneka, and she is approximately 5 to 6 years older than I am. I know that she knows, because I told her.

“Age is just a number baby” She kept telling me. Her voice were sounding so sincere that I believed that this is my finally bustop when it comes to dating. I promised myself that it was marriage with her or nobody else.

“Are they chasing you from your village shrine”? Chuma asked me. It became a war of words when I announced it in the room that I have finally found someone I wished to spend the rest of my life with.

“See who dey form player before don dey claim lover boy” Williams shouted to the amusement of everybody in the room. They say “nothing is as more powerful than an Idea whose time has come”. The feelings have grown in me, and nobody could stop it.

“Are you sure you love me the way I do” This statement was a sure banker any day we chat on phone or whenever she calls me.

“I wish you know how much I love you” This was the constant answer I always got from her. Nothing gave me extra joy anytime I hear “I love you from her mouth”. I became a laughing stock among friends, but I was in love. This feeling of love made me work extra hard in studies…

“If you hit a 2.1 Gp this semester, I will come visit you when you vacate from school” She said to me one night I was reading in class. Like a mad dog let loose, I realized that you only sleep at night when you have nothing to keep you awake. I became a nerd all of a sudden. I completed all outstanding assignments and prepared for every quiz like it was our final exam.

“Omo the way you dey read these days dey fear me o” Davis said one night we were strolling to fetch water from the St mary’s block.

“You no go understand” I said to him while I stayed glued to my phone and was smiling all through. Love was in the air and I was breathing every bit of it. Our quiz results started coming out, also with our assignment results. I was flying high and sending the feedback down to Nneky. I was achieving the target she set for me, and the chemistry between us was becoming fiercer.

“You don see this girl before” Oti asked me

“No, wetin happen” I asked back almost immediately

“She fit be one blind dwarf wey dey for house dey jonze you up and down” He said with a serious tone. It wasn’t a joke I took lightly and I made it clear to him never to downwash my gf again.

“No ever talk that kain thing for my front again” I replied harshly “No think am again” I added

“You wan fight me because of girl wey you never see” Oti asked with a harsh voice

“Get out my friend” I shouted “If I talk about your babe like that, you go like am”? I asked angrily. The tension was getting out of hand and it took the intervention of neutrals to settle the growing feud between the both of us.

“No vex, but you suppose know how much I love that girl” I said with a gentle voice

“Enjoy you babe, but when e go set make you no call me” He replied. Exams were getting closer and this time around, I became a regular customer at the Engineering block and CS building. People who knew me before would always ask if I am writing my final exams to leave the school or was it the same exam we all wanted to write. Well; I left them to their own imagination and thinking, while I focused on the task at hand.

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