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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 66

“I am sorry for the pains I put you through. I never knew you were an angel till I met another guy that just used and dumped me. I love you to come back and I miss you. Please call me when you see this”

I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was about jumping from my bonk, when I knew I had to keep my cool. I quickly went to Williams and asked him for his opinion, we brainstormed about it and we reached a reasonable agreement. I quickly called Nneky and we got back to our love zone and almost the way we were before just that something has changed and you are about to find out. She asked me to branch Awka if I was coming back from school, so that we could spend few days together. I quickly found a lie to tell daddy, and he helped me with extra money and I was good to go.

I arrived Awka in the evening and quickly enquired for a cheap good hotel around the axis. I was directed by some locals on the average hotel that would be nice for my budget. I lodged in before making a call along to Nneky and few hours later, she was standing in front of the door. I saw her for the first time and she was looking good even though a bit matured, but she was cool. We quickly got familiar physically and ruminated over past experiences and just talked at length. While we were bathing, I was looking at the physical endowments she possessed and I was just getting erect all through. I quickly showered fast and headed straight to the bed to wait for her. It was a wonderful night and believe me, she knew how to fvck. She had all the styles and the flexibility,, coupled with a matured pvssy she had. She took me to wonderland and came back, and I took her to neverland ranch and came back. It was a combination of experience meets with experience. She had this ringtone that could make a Adult movie star ejaculate so fast within seconds. Rounds after rounds, Style after Style, Pour after Pour was all that happened at night. I woke up the next morning, packed my bag, left a note while she was still wondering what was happening, I left the room.

“I love your S£x, but I can’t date an Old woman” That was the content of the letter. I hadn’t gone so far before I kept getting calls upon call, messages upon message. One of the messages that caught my attention was…

“After Bleeping me, you now say you hate Old women! May God never forgive you”. I laughed so hard when I read that. I was too eager to send mine back, but I had to trend with wisdom. Messages upon messages kept flooding my phone and I didn’t bother deleting but left it for future reference. I got friend request few days later on facebook and few minutes after accepting, my facebook wall was designed with insults and curses. I couldn’t help but keep laughing and laughing. Even when we resumed at school, I turned from a cry boy to the Next Big Thing!!

The Easter break was so short and we resumed back at school for the second semester. We were told that the Engineering students would be transferred to the new Enugu campus called the Engineering campus. It was a news that came with mixed reactions from various quarters. We resisted for some days, and few days later we found ourselves travelling to the land of the Eagle, AKPUGO!!

“I wan carry this block wey you dey use bath” She said. I knew I heard a feminine voice, but didn’t want to believe it was actually one. I quickly used water to clean my face and behold, it was…

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