[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 69

“Omo come see toto” Kossy shouted as everyone raced towards his direction. I wished I could fly but upon getting there, there were already tossing the phone around and were having a good laugh already. I succeeded in collecting my phone back and I couldn’t even believe what I saw. I picked up my phone and gave her a call

“Whats the meaning of the picture you sent, I don’t understand” I said with a voice mixed with anger

“That is the state of my Kittycat after the S£x we had days ago” She said with a sad voice

“I did that to you”? I asked confused

“No you didn’t, your dicck did it” She said harshly. I was already feeling sorry and frustrated at the same time.

“Oya just come, we wouldn’t do anything” I begged slowly

“The last time you told me that, we fvcked non-stop. See, I am not coming” See, it was my friend that helped me massage this my pvssy.. so there is nothing you will say that will make me come” She insisted.

“Aiight fine take care” I replied harshly before terminating the call.

“Omo na olosho go sure pass for you this night ooo…” Oghals said while pulling my hands and laughing. If there was something I hated, it would be sleeping with a LovePeddler. I always felt that the chemistry wouldn’t be there and a lot of foreplay wouldn’t happen, so I decided to stay on my lane and watch others get laid.

“Since you no see babe, make we arrange one guy for you na” Val suggested to the amusement of others around.

“Fvck you” I said while moving out of there direction. Nothing much happened that night; just that after drinking, I slept with an erect dicck and woke up with a stronger erected dicck looking like who had marathon S£x in the dream. Later in the day, we all packed our luggage and made way for school.

It was a great resumption after six months we last saw each other and everybody was looking so cute and fresh. Majority of the girls had added weight like they all got married during the 6-months internship program. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw queen. We greeted each other when I saw her, but I knew that the greeting was merely eye service and just to pretend that everything was really alright, when we knew that things were not alright.

“I just want to tell you thank you” Queen said with a fake smile

“What happened” I asked. She looked at me like I stole her panties and gave out a loud hiss that got people’s attention to our side.

“So you mean that within 6 months, you called me just 3 times” She said with slight anger

“No, that’s not true” I responded “What is not true”? she cut back almost immediately

“It wasn’t just 3 times” I said

“So how many Mr” She threw back the question at me like a hot akara. I was already getting confused and didn’t even know what to say. But why should I know what to say, when I spent virtually the full 6 months, fvcking a virgin and sweet pvssy as compared to Queen’s already established and widened pvssy.

“It was 5 times, so don’t lie on my head” I said with a mean face 

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