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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 71

I kept looking confused that morning, looking like who just lost his football bet ticket and reminiscing over the past activities that preceded the present. At a point, I kept laughing at myself for messing up real bad. I picked up my phone and decided to call Emmy. I tried her number some few times and she didn’t pick and I just gave up. The reception had called and informed me that my rent would be expiring in some few hours time.

“I won’t be renewing” I explained to her

“You promised staying some few days so what happened Sir” She asked passionately, because she was more interested in retaining a customer.

“Things changed and I also changed my mind” I said shortly before hanging up the call. I tried reaching Emmy again and this time, it still didn’t connect. I started preparing and packing to check outta the room.

“grinnn…grinnn” the phone rang.. I quickly dived unto it like I saw a man drowning in a deep sea.

“Hello” I said while panting

“It’s Emmy, sorry I am calling with my friend’s phone” She said. I didn’t even allow her to finish up with the apology before I took the blame upon myself.

“I understand baby…where are you” I asked

““My friend wants to say hi to you, can I bring her along” She said

‘Why”? I asked surprised

“She just wants to see my boyfriend” She replied innocently.

“Feel free baby” I said to her. I quickly called back the receptionist and asked her to retain the room for me

“Any problems sir”? She asked

“Just do as I say” I answered back. Within few seconds, someone was at the door and I exchanged money for my receipt. I started thinking of the possible outcomes that might surface as a result of her friend’s coming. I didn’t think much but waited patiently and immediately switched on my laptop and prepared by watching some Adult movie videos that contained 3some fvckery.

“Errmm… but what if it doesn’t lead to that”? I asked myself. I quickly switched off the laptop and focused on other things in the room. One minute was like 1 hour and every step along the hall way was like it led to a knock on my door. I immediately heard a knock on the door and I raced towards it immediately hoping to see two beautiful angels

“Would you love to order anything for breakfast this morning”? The elderly woman asked me. I didn’t know whether to kick her off my door with my feet alone or use my hands and my feet together like in shaolin soccer.

Updated: July 27, 2017 — 4:52 am

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