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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 73

“I am a born fvcker” I said before reaching towards her and dragging her by the skirt towards the bed. Her Buttocks was much bigger than that of Emmy and to suck her pussyy and Buttocks was all that was in my mind. I quickly undressed myself and Emmy quickly went for my dickk to suck, while I went for her friend’s pvssyy. She used her pussyy on my mouth and was almost chocking me with it as a grasp for breath while eating it up. The orgy continued and it was time to make a switch as Emmy moved up with her Kittycat high up towards my mouth while her friend went below to give me a good suck down south. This was perhaps one of my best days on bed and I utilized every chance of it. She stroked my Joystick and caressed my balls that I was almost moaning for mercy. I quickly disengaged and positioned Emmy’s friend backwards, adjusted her big Buttocks and fired my Joystick right through her pvssyy hole. She gave out a large moan upon receiving that quantity of Joystick between her legs. Her pvssy felt so tight and warm inside coupled with being wet already

“Nothing better than a wet pussyy” I whispered to myself.

While I was hitting her from behind so bad, she was sucking the juice coming out of Emmy’s legs and was fingering her simultaneously. Emmy was moaning so hard and was almost crying while I was busy punishing the pussyy of her friends. It was long before the friend started vibrating and gushing out liquid from her pussyy all over the whole place. That didn’t stop me from firing on and she kept releasing those cums till she became tired and I had to switch to Emmy.

She was already wet and soaked in her own juice. All I did was just a few thrust before she started cry and vibrating all over the whole place. I allowed her calm down before inserting again and continuing. Few hours later, the room was filled with the stench of pvssy and Pour. Only God knows how the cleaner coped while washing and cleaning up the room. It was a done and dusted fvck and it is right here, giving me a remembrance erection.

Few hours later, I was at my home chilling and being welcomed back from school.

“You look so lean and hungry” Mummy kept saying.

“Let me make you fat baby, before that your school resumes again” She said.

“Yea” I nodded in agreement. “I really need it” I said to myself.

Months after, I was in my finals. I was happy, everybody was happy and the happiness was common among everybody. It wasn’t a period of S£x again and all that was in my heart was how to pass every exams now without failing any. I deleted all my Adult movie videos and I became a new leaf, but that didn’t stop me from S£x chatting at night.

My final yr 1st semester shouldn’t be in this diary because it is one of the periods that nothing really happened sexually. Infact, I was mainly seen in the church, lecture rooms and the hostel. Old things finally became new, well just for a period of time. Our 400level second semester result came out and I had first class, which was putting me towards where I needed to be. I needed a first class overall in 500level to make me graduate in style, so you can see how difficult it was and why I needed to leave S£x and focus on things so important!

After the 500level first semester exams, things went as planned and when the results came out after we came back from holiday, it was so …

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