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[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 76

Few months later*******

I was in house as a full blown graduate and was S£x chatting at night with my new catch Kenny. We were exchanging Unclad pictures and the kind of Kittycat she was passing out to my phone made me wonder if actually she was who she said she is.

“Baby, how old are you again” I asked her on BBM

“I am 25” She replied. “Hope you know you are older than I am” I asked again, not to create any iota of doubt, and she replied positive.

“Your Joystick looks older than your age” She replied back. I was already stroking my Joystick and was anticipating our next meeting and all the things she promised would come with the meeting. On the D-day she promised she would be coming around, I quickly got a clean shave, relaxed my hair and was good to go. I quickly hired a cab and went to the destination she requested I wait for her. I landed at the destination and waited for her patiently around one of the eateries there. Few minutes later, I got a call from here, requesting I come out to the parking lot of the eatery. I was still answering the phone while moving out and looking around the whole place for her. I knew she had seen me, and for her to continue with the call meant she loved what she was seeing.

“Look at the red car at your left” She said on phone. I looked towards my left side and saw a hand waving and guess what?

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