[Story] Memo Of A Male Sex Addict – Episode 77

“Are you Kenny?” I asked

“You don’t like what you see?” She asked. I was already hyperventilating and couldn’t just believe my eyes. She was very much older than the age she told me and looking at her, I could deduce that she was nothing less than 30. She was fair, tall and had enough curves to go along with it.

“Are you married” that was the only question I could muster at that particular moment. She smiled a bit before looking at her phone and asked me to enter the car. I obeyed because at this point, I wasn’t reasoning clearly again. I entered the car, and she drove me to one of the expensive lodges around the town.

“Can you drive” She asked me. I laughed hard that she started suspecting if she cracked a joke.

“Funny?” She asked

“No” I replied, “Just that I can’t drive” I answered.

“I will teach you” She said. “No problems” I replied back while taking a good look at the cute Toyota camry she ws cruising around with. We got to the lodge and we headed straight for the bar that was close within it’s compound.

“Just Smirnoff” I replied the bar man when he asked what I would love to take.

“Stop acting like a girl, come on” She said with a smile “Take something heavier like a real man” She said while touching my laps. I knew this wasn’t right and something somewhere was not going on fine. Everytime I thought of asking more questions about her, I look at her body shape and my dicck responds positively.

“Beer is bitter, and I don’t like it” I managed to say. She agreed and the drinks were served with some chicken laps and we started drinking and gisting.

“So what do you do” She asked. I didn’t know whether to change on all I have told her before about myself or stick to my previous profile.

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