[Story] Memoirs Of Dying And Living – Episode 19

Next morning Chido woke to a Unclad Grace still sleeping by his side.

Her massive Buttocks pressed hard on this early morning Rhizipus. Chido adjusted himself but noticed with horror that his hard Rhizipus was slowly seeking softer grounds right inside Grace’s Buttocks.

The way he was lying and the way her Buttocks was positioned left only room 4 inside and not outside since Chido’s back was already hard pressed on the wall.

He noticed to his horror that there was no room back only 4ward and that the reason for his early morning hardon may happen to all men when they wake but the effects of Grace’s massive watery Buttocks was not helping matters to help soften his JT.

Rather it was worsening his hard on. As his JT started nodding up and down in respect 4 the wonders of the softness it felt right infront of it which was the wonders of Grace’s Buttocks and in anticipation of a kill.

His discomfort worsened as Grace stared in her sleep moving her hip back and forward as she tried to find a suitable sleeping posture.

This movements didnt help the Unclad Chido whose JT has suddenly developed a mind of its own. As Grace did that movement with her hips, every movement only went on to worsen Chido’s predicament.

With every movement his JT crawled deeper into Grace’s Buttocks, Chido lay quiet and very still. Not venturing to move a muscle in the hope not to worsen the situation.

Looking down to his JT now, he couldnt see most of the shaft which meant he was quiet far in. His whole body was tense and he started sweating although his AC was blasting at 19 degrees.

Chido failed to understand how she could still be asleep when he had most of his JT buried into her Buttocks. Atleast he thought no matter how large her Buttocks was “he should be far in by now and then again he knew he wasnt small either (the other girls he had 4ked had told him so) so she should by now how felt his length”.

But Grace didnt burg but kept an even breathing which showed she was obviously still asleep till the inevitable happened.

Grace moved again, this time sideways and then alittle backwards and the deed was completed.

As Grace moved backward the tip of Chido’s JT felt an initial resistance which didnt last long cos it was followed by warmth and wetness. Chido knew then that he had broken the barrier cos the sudden wetness was followed by a sleepy gasp from Grace.

Chido was in but only partially. His JT throbbed and throbbed, Chido knew he would regret it if he didnt 4k her then and now so he held his breathe and slipped the rest of the way all in.

Grace’s eyes flew open as she gasped loudly arching her Buttocks back to meet him. As his hands crawled from her hips to her Bosom she asked him sleepily “I thought u werent going to 4k me?”

Chido replied “Its ur fault, when u positioned ur Buttocks that way infront of my JT how could I resist”?

He was now buried deep inside her, his hands on her Bosom and with Grace arching her Buttocks back to meet all his thrust as his thrusting increased in rhythm and tempo. 

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